PMR Interview: Dino Ali – The Complete Entertainment Package

PMR: First of all thank you for giving us your valuable time

Dino: No worries, the internet music sites and internet active fans have always been good to me and pmr is allowing me a way to get back to them so THANK U PMR!

PMR: Let’s start from your beginning; how do you see your journey from an underground artist to a high profile main stream celebrity?

Dino: as a young man who came into this field to simply entertain people and I feel I’m still doing that .I mean I started with the 1st music channel of Pakistan, Indus music in 2002 and now 8 years later I’m working in the biggest music channels in the world MTV so yeah life’s good .all I have to say is I’m truly blessed shukar hai malik ka for allowing me to have a life as wondrous as this, all this success and fame (with the extra perks) wouldn’t have been possible without the help love and support of my family friends and most of all fans 🙂

PMR: Do you think Dino Ali is better when it comes to be a musician, video jockey or a radio jockey?

Dino: see this is what people don’t understand, u cant be good in all things at once it takes time to perfect each craft no matter how many things u set your mind to …so yeah cant chose I’m still learning to be better at all three 🙂

PMR: Tell us about the start of your professional career?

Dino: Started my career in 2002 with Indus Music, becoming a soaring success in my first year after more than 6 years, one of the most popular and successful VJs of Pakistan. ha-ha I still remember my 1st show it was called *music on wheels* I wasn’t even called dino back then I use to call my self ali on TV and so vj dino was originally vj ali (a fact for pmr readers) ufff I didn’t know a thing about cars I was soo bad in that show lekin I guess bura se hi guzar k insan bhetari ki taraf ata hai..Im glad I get to chose which show I do now 🙂

PMR: How is your experience till now working as an RJ?

Dino: I LOVE RADIO!!! Radio is something I feel I can pursue for the rest of my life, INSHALLAH if god willing I would love to own or at least run my own radio station one day…Seriously it’s an addiction.

PMR: Karachi is DINO ALI’S town, define the term *: D *?

Dino: Cause I RUN THIS!!! ha-ha no I guess its my town cause I grew up here and cant imagine how life would be if this wasn’t home any more I LOVE KHI 🙂

PMR: Do you plan your events and media works before hand or things just come your way?

Dino: nothings really ever planned in media hahahah I’m sure u would know, lekin some big projects are like award shows or events are the only thing that we really work hard on other then that daily TV shows are something we do the research ourselves for .so its a mix and match of things.

PMR: How Pakistani media has changed over-time or improved in your view?

Dino: its weird 1st we use to watch entertainment channels or music channels for entertainment fun and enjoyment lekin abb sirf news channels hain who are the ones being watch like everyday soap operas .so it has changed but sadly not for the better .I just hope k yahan talent ki thori aur kadar ki jaye kyunke talent mashallah humare mulk main bohot hai.

PMR: What disturbs you the most when you are doing your work?

Dino: nothing major…delays, bad attitudes, hunger, loadshedding kahan se shuru karun? ha-ha

PMR: If you had one chance to go back in past and change any one thing from your career, what change you will want to make?

Dino: To be very honest everything happens for a reason so not a lot, lekin a few small changes idhar udhar a lil this lil that :p

PMR: Any controversies between you and other artists?

Dino: Nope not that I know off even if there are I don’t have the time to think about it .too busy sorry.

PMR: Your biggest professional achievement?

Dino: 2004 best host of the year Indus TV network awards 🙂 and releasing my 1st album Suno zara in 2009

PMR: Who has supported/supporting you in your career?

Dino: family friends and fans tho hain humesha support karne k liye .lekin my boss for the last 8 years Mr. ghazanfer ali c.e.o of Indus TV network has always been there to keep my spirits high and he gave me my 1st break so def him .

PMR: Tell us about your next project?

Dino: Currently there are lot of projects in the pipeline the major ones my next album which I’m going to try taking out in 2010 (maybe even exclusive on pmr ) uske elava new shows and expanding the reach of the radio show somehow so yeah crazy year up ahead .

PMR: How do you see the internet market for upcoming/underground bands in terms of a marketing tool?

Dino: I think the internet is the only thing that’s keeping the music scene in Pakistan alive cause the record labels do care about you as much some guy whose a fan on the net spreading the word about your music is .most mainstream bands are even releasing their music online 1st so it proves the internet is the new way to go.

PMR: We’d love to have a word from you for PakmediaRevolution and its team?

Dino: Doston humesha issi tarhan apna aur apne chahne walon ka scene on rakhna great job guys 🙂

PMR: Let’s wrap this thing up, any last words for your fans?

Dino: I just want to say THANK U so much for all the love and support u have been giving me for all this time and I promise to give as much love back .keep watching out for 2010 for the new album for the new shows and of course dost kya scene hai on 91 fm with lots of new surprises .never let anyone stand in the way of you and your dreams cause who you are and who you can be is your destiny and no one can take that away from u .till then join the official Facebook Page .kyunke sir….zarori hai. Love u all very much

Interview by: Sayed Azher Akber

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