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I have a personal note for my listeners! To read plz scroll down!

Original Song : Strawberries and Cherries
Singer : Aaishah Akram
Lyrics & Music : Aaishah Akram
Copyrights : Aaishah Akram

A special thanks to my dear friend Charieta. This video was recorded at her place in West Virginia Hills!

This video is dedicated to rubina, akram, umar, sarah, maliha, buddy, hufsy, ahmad, sunny, feef, adil, faris, awais, haram, fari mamoo, khan mamoo, charieta, bob, steph, lisa, zahra, nina and the rest of my family, friends and all my fans out there! I love you all very much! Please support me and my music by sharing with your family, friends and the rest of the world ! Life is too short and usually the stuff we put off for later never gets done so do me a favor and for the love of music share this link now. If you like my song/music, have suggestions, would like to work with me &/ have requests then do leave me a msg ! And remember with our music we can touch others like i just touched you. Spread music to heal the world of today ! Love u all !
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