Song: Hadh
Artist: Omer Nadeem
Omer Nadeem was 15 yrs old that time when he recorded ‘Hadh’.

Produced by Mekaal Hassan

Mekaal Hasan QUOTED
“Omer Nadeem’s debut single ‘Hadh’ is a hit in the making.As the producer/engineer for a massive hit like ‘Aadat’ I can tell you that if a song like ‘Aadat’ could be popular then I see no reason why our public will not respond positively to this song. It has all the makings of a hit song..a good singer(who was 15 when we recorded this song), a strong and catchy melody and a polished rock/pop sound that is often found lacking in other bands attempting the same genre of music. In fact the professionalism of the performance in this song by this teenager makes it an benchmark for all other young bands/artists to live up to. I hope that ‘Hadd’ finds its deserved popularity and I wish him all the success in the world!
Mekaal Hasan”

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