Artist: Pukaar
Song: Jee Utha

DOP: Raja
Styling: Vasu
Edit: AA Film Studios
Post: Little Monster Studio

Director : Akash Sam

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  1. Sorry to say SAM you work SUCKS big time!!! please Pukar u are a good band think about your future…
    From where you think hez Director <_< if this video is free of cost then its OK otherwise sorry to say no comments you wasted your money in gutter

  2. i totally agree with devileye se aur yaar what are your lyrics. bacha stuff. aur video par itna paisa waste kiya. lollywood ke liyay movie hi bana laitay.

  3. @ devilEyes and usman khatak.
    U guyz r chuuuuuuutiiiiiyaaa
    tum logoun ko koi haq nahi bantaaa aesa bolnee kaa … vdo is ok…and the song is perfect
    vdo jiss ne bhi banai …y do u care …jao bollywood k gaane sun k khush rahooo.. atleast diz is sumthing different from others….

  4. @3lemenT
    you are right man, bollywood kia janay rock kia hota hay, Band kia hota hay, Our Music is very best in all over the world, koi hum jesa music bna kr tou dikhaye, we are unique and we are talented, So we have to encourage every person,

    Best of Luck to Pukaar

  5. Well all those people who are criticizing on the * video *
    so let me tell you a * gud * vdo can be made by a * gud * budget …
    But if you wants tht you can get the * gud * video in * low * budget thn * GET A LIFE *
    Cause it is not possible ..
    According to the budget,the video is gud ..
    Though it is not dat * gud * but stil it is gud ..
    & Yeahh the composition of the song n guitar work of the song is really below average ..
    quite surprising for me atleast cox i was xpecting smething like * MEHR ALI * ..
    Well done Sam..
    You hve done a gud job.. *!

  6. imo the video and song both sucks… and does low budget means you copy the stuff ? and btw dont give someone a false hope that they are doing good when they are doing crap coz they will keep doing it :)…
    so to who ever directed the video… plz stop it now ya tumharay bas ke bat nae 😉

  7. @3lemenT chutiya tou aur tera sath Arslan BAAP SAM YOU SUCK MAN !!! khud he msg karwa rah hou!! but m not talkin about band think think wrong man !! u can do good juz stay away from this kind of fucken ppl video copy kar kai koi Director nahi baan jata !

  8. guys stop coping others work n better try to innovate your own work if u wana get succeed..
    this vdo is a TOTAL CRAP…

  9. OH MA GOD !!! ufffffff …….
    Pukaar band u r too good yar but wots this ??? nice song nice composition !!! i must say the video DIR not much keen to do some good work !! wake up pukaar wake upp !!!
    SAM not a good work by u yar atleast kuch to acha kartay !! Pukaar band is going great and good !! but SAM ufffff !!
    HOPE FOR THE BEST WORK GUYSS !! must THINK plzzzzzzzzz !! it wl b good fr ur FUTURE

  10. well its not ur fault… you guys here to entertain ppl in a better way
    we appreciate yr effort but if u guys wana succeed in future then u have to switch to another director who knows the DEFINITION OF QUALITY WORK 🙂 lolxxxx

  11. first thing first ! song suxxx … sorry but itz true so true that i can smell it =)
    secondly ! buhahaha wot a video .. hvent got wordz .. seriously no kiddin not even one .. *thinks* awryte got one .. *suxxxxxx* yes suxx bigtime =)
    and third ! if u want to go through the effort of copyin someones work atleast do gud or else STICK to ur own thoughts =) thank you !

  12. Hey guys ………….
    Dnt use abuse language ………… If director copy something den dats nt fault of Band ….. Pukaar,s previous songs were gud n so is dis …..
    Apni dushmani mai band ko to mat ghaseto …..

  13. So0perb ……. touchy …..

    u guyx rock ….. m a big fan of urx …..

    Meher Ali , Aag n nom Jee Utha are so0perb ….

  14. very nice song guys…………and very gud video…very diffrent work from otherss.keep it up……….all the comments are agaisnt SAM AKASH,not u guys…ur work is very gud…and ull be the next rock stars of pakistan,……………

  15. I thnk d song is rockng . Its a funky song like shahzad roy sali tu mane nahi.its kinda change then d routine1z n video is diff n so accordng2 d song i luv it

  16. pukaaaaaar u rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk……………………..keeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppp itttttttttt upppppppppppppppppppppp

  17. Bht ala larko great work awesome direction …. hatt k kaam kiya hai aap nay best of luck

    awesome track


  18. i don’t know what to say.. copy.. or woh bhi aesi?
    there is nothing special in the song! niether in the video!

  19. Sucks big time.


    p.s critisizm is good.So if somebody doesnt likes it.He has the rite to say it like somebody who does likes it.

    So get over it.

    Guys Atleast creat ur own tune.Every band must have his own tune.

    You guys have a typical akash tune.


  20. the lyrics are not good but the music of song is excellent video is just average.they should try any other directer than sam.overall the song is good
    Pakistan Rocks keep up

  21. People its not just Sam who copies stuff!!!! I`ve seen alot of videos of our local bands that have copied by our other international directors!!!!!
    Sam wud need time to get hold of direction but u guys cant go on insulting him like this & perhaps u learn from ur mistakes & its not that first videos wud prove Sam as a GR8 DIRECTOR!!! Every director that we have come across has seen alot of struggle!! SO CH!L@X…….

    No Comments on the video nor audio! 🙂

  22. You guys, this video is really reallllllyyy bad. Like too bad. Wtf wwere you thinkin man. N both ov these guys are truly chootia too btw. Like you hv no idea. Gosh. THIS SUCKS. Mehr Ali wuz a good song buh like this sucks. couldve gotten a betta model atleast, ye tou free ki lag rehe hai ;P


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