Artist: DissBelief
Song: Aaj Phir

Lyrics by Sumair Saeed
Recorded, mixed, mastered and Produced by Fahad Humayun Chohan.
Vocals mixed by Furqan ur Rehman of ColdBullet.

Special thanks to our media partner Pak Media Revolution.

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  1. Best of luck guys.
    Its a good song. I dont find the lyrics much interesting. But overall the song has nice feel and vocal melody to it. Guitars are well played by Fahad Humayun Chohan. Who is now rising as one of the most awesome young producer in Pakistan.

    Furqan ur Rehman (Cold Bullet)

  2. Very talented band. Awesome composition.
    Plx re-record it from an experienced producer. u guyz r gonna roCk in near future.


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