The first one to actually say something about spirituality and music is none other than Atif Aslam who recently said that he wants his young compatriots to connect to his music spiritually. Now, where is Atif Aslam’s music spiritually charged? This singer has no spiritual element in his music, heavens, it is POP he sings yet talks about Spirituality.

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But Atif stubbornly add that he wants to mould the youth and was waiting for the right time to do it. (The right time? For what? Till his vocals can be reprocessed or till he can call in a doofus to manage some Sufi elements in his POPular act. This is sounding like a joke now, anyway read what Atif says). “Young people enjoy as long as a singer is singing for them with pretty girls in videos. (Isn’t Atif from the same lot – no wonder he wants to connect to Strings and shun his fellow contemporaries). I want to render rich Punjabi Sufi poetry and to connect them spiritually through my music because our young generation is unaware of Sufi poetry.” This said, it can be taken down as a fact that Atif has no understanding of the very intricate Punjabi Sufi music like most of the others since it is a totally different genre and domain to dabble in. Of course, Atif will be able to churn out a hit or two with this American influenced idea of a cultural seepage into ours but to understand and implement Sufi elements and music is not a POP singer’s domain. Even Peter Gabriel had the toughest time of his life when he washed out the board for Nusrat Fateh Ali’s songs/qawwalis. But then again, Gabriel avoided much of the intricate Sufi elements and resorted to the western arpeggios and scales and progressions. So this proves that Sufi music is not child’s play that the bloke thinks it to be. We hear the rumours of another singer coming out with pure Sufi music. Let’s see if he licks em’ or… if anyone can really do justice to this approach that might be Ali Azmat, Ali Zafar or Shiraz Uppal, if he chooses to.
Chart Toppers
1. Atif Aslam – Tera Hone Laga Hun (Complete)
2. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – Ishq Junoon Deewangi
3. Atif Aslam – Jalpari
4. Atif Aslam – Tu Janay Na
5. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – Khuda Zameen Say Gya Nahin
6. Ali Haider – Mein Tere Samne (Naat)
7. Omran Shafique (Mauj) – Long Story Short
8. Overload – Pichal Pairee (Album)
9. Feedback – Ankhon Mein
10. Cold Bullet – Roshni

Source: THE MAG OCT 24 – OCT 30 2009

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  1. Dude Atiff can pretty much fart nd ppl will still buy it in Pakistan, Da sufi thing which He is trying to do is just becoz it is ”in” When Junoon + Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sahab started it, it became a hit no whenever sum1 is loosing it He gets a sufi number iout nd bam… I hope Pakistani ppl start to c da difference between quality nd commercial music…


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