Artist: Zain Ul Abideen ft. Falak
Song: Chue Chue (Live)

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  1. Really …that is an owesome LIVE performence..but if Zain were sing solo…..then it had more owesome………
    anyway FALAK is also perform good..but ZAIN is perfect…..afterall its zain’s song…and he know well all the tunes of chue chue then falak….

  2. Well….guyz i think we all genuinely like Zain…& fact z he z broadly accepted by a large audience out there, let’s talk about Falak:) M nt a good listener…must say coz wateva I get to hear z mostly via Zain….in one show or the other…..
    Falak z ok honestly…….which means he z good enough ofcourse 2 b in this flooding market, but didn’t leave in an impact.
    Or may be should try to put himself on fore front b’coz alot of tyms this happens that a good talent z nt recognized coz he’s nt able 2 reach / target his audience. Zain I think u oughta help kids out there……u hav a repo……pple will listen 2 guys u introduce.

  3. ZAIN masha ALLAH apki voice buhat behtreen hai buhat cute hai apki voice n song bhi buhat nice hai keep it man isi tarhan achey achey tracks banate rahiye good job man well done n LOVE u ZAIN!!!

  4. Hey….Zain u r a Fantabulous singer…Chue Chue is a big hit!!!! AaLaa Ji AaLa… Chue Chue Non-Stop hit tou hai he magar ab or ziyada umeed hai hum sab ko apse,,,n we all know dat u ‘LL going to prove that again that u r a gr8 singer.,.,agay k songs INSHALLAH or ziyada achay hongay….As we all know dat u r a gr8 singer n more than that u r a gr8 human being…jesay hain wesay he rahiye ga
    jis tarah hamesha or har jaga ap ALLAH ko zaroor yaad rakhtay hain ise tarah hamesha yaad rakhiye ga…
    our best wishes r wid u….ALLAH bless u in every step of ur life….
    PAKISTAN ka naam or roshan kartay rahiye ga….ALLAH apko or ziyada Kamiyaabi de.,.AMEEN
    Q k PAKISTAN k logon ko ap jesay singer ke bohot zaroorat hai….
    Keep it Up…N all the BEST foh ur Future!!!
    ~*Zain The Man*~ U Rock!!!
    ComMo PpL!!! 😀
    LOVE U Zain…!!!

  5. awesommmmeeeeeeee
    gr8 vocals n very nyc sung
    it wud have been better agar falak chup rehta
    aur waisiay bohot aalaaaa gaana hai

  6. Zain. You’ve good vocals, and acoustic has always been my favourite. But completely disagree with the idea of adding Falak. That is your song and you are the best at it. It’s more like you guys are just sitting somewhere and this popped up in mind that you sing this song together. Most of the times Falak was out of rhythm but anyway! Falak, he’s good at what he does.

  7. Where have you been zain,wow what a amazing voice you have.Im in your fans list both songs chue chue and intizaar are “owesome”, im sure you will go along along way.GOOD LUCK for the coming future 🙂


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