First of all thank you for giving us your valuble time,and a very belted happy Ramadan Kareem to you
like wise my friend,happy ramadan to you guys as well

PMR: Tell Us About PoisonBerry ?
Fahdee Saeed:
poison berry,its a new street wear brand, it is a mixture of different styles…it’ll have slangs,slogans,retro art,movies,and game icons on it
initially we’re starting off at a smaller scale,but INSHALLAH we’ll expand it with the passage of time…we’ll bring in uppers and hoodies in the next collection of poison berry..and later we’ll introduce jeans,leather jackets,belts and buckles

PMR: Tell Us About Your Team Working with you
Fahdee Saeed:
our media incharge is aashir irfan,our marketing campaign is handled by adeel tahir,saad ali khan,sameer nazeer,amna malik,sana khan and sheharyar khan

PMR: what are your relations with the jaswal’s ?
Fahdee Saeed:
yasir jaswal (the voice of irtaash) is one of my bestest friend
i’v known him for quite some time now…went through a lot of ups and downs..and yasir has always been there to support me, especially when i was goin through the hardest time of my life
besides that,irtaash is my favourite rock band from pakistan,n ofcourse not only yasir all the *6* jaswaal’s are like brothers to me

PMR: Tell us about the start of your professional career?
Fahdee Saeed:
yaar to be honest,me and my other two partners…Farhan Balti and Faizan Chaudhary,we went shopping and couldn’t really find any good t-shirts
the only BETTER T’s were available at levis..and the prices were sky high,we kept on hunting for some quality t-shirts at a nominal price
but to no avail, so we decided to introduce our own t-shirt brand. We all had some money saved up on the side, which we used to start this project and well here we are.

PMR: And We Hope You Reach The Sky,Do you plan your events & media work before hand or things just come your way?
Fahdee Saeed:
well poison berry is pretty organised,every thing is done on paper first,we plan every thing to perfection before the execution

PMR: Do You Have This Business Internationaly,if yes where ?
Fahdee Saeed:
not yet…but i have a friend named *AZHER AKBER* he’d b helping us in establishing our business in bahrain INSHALLAH

PMR: How Pakistani media has changed over-time or improved in your view?
Fahdee Saeed:
pakistani media has covered a great distance since my childhood,its changing for the good
i mean its improving in all the channels,like print media is getting much better,so is the electronic media

PMR: Where Can People Find POISONBERRY and where can they see the designs?
Fahdee Saeed:
Visit our website which is currently under-construction at www.poisonberry.biz
You can also join our Facebook group at
Our Facebook page:
And finally our email address for placing orders:

PMR: How Do You Promote Yourself in the Media?
Fahdee Saeed:
well at the moment we’re just usin the internet, a little bit of print media and plenty of ‘word of mouth’

PMR: where is POISONBERRY localized ?
Fahdee Saeed:
poisonberry is based in Islamabad and our next target is lahore.

PMR: Any Regrets till Now ?
Fahdee Saeed:
not at all,Allah ka Shukar every thing is going just as we planned,i hope it stays the same in future aswell

PMR: Beside’s Clothing,what else Fahdee Saeed has Done,like music*ring a bell:D* ?
Fahdee Saeed:
*hehe* well,i’v been in the music industry for the past 5 years,i’v been playing with aaraiz and lahu,i used to do bass for lahu
and i’m the rhythm player for aaraiz

PMR: What disturbs you the most when you are doing work?
Fahdee Saeed:
umm*smiles a bit* LOADSHEDDING lol

PMR: Beside’s Professionalism,do we hear fahdee saeed getting commited anytime soon*hehe* ?
Fahdee Saeed:
LOL,not at all my friend,i’m happily single.

PMR: Do You Guys See Yourself that you are in the top list in the market ?
Fahdee Saeed:
it’d be a lil too early to comment on this,i mean i won’t b making any tall claims…i’ll let the quality and art speak for itself

PMR: What’s The Differnce Between POISONBERRY and other companies in the Market?
Fahdee Saeed:
poison berry has variety, versatility,besides we all go to IQRA univestity,and it is well known for its FASHION students
as iqra is a popular fashion school here,se we have the sense of whats in n whats not

PMR: Your biggest professional achievement?
Fahdee Saeed:
we haven’t achieved any thing yet,besides the support of friends and family
but i’m sure we’ll make a huge impact in the fashion industry INSHALLAH

PMR: In General,Around how much does your clothing vary in price and what quality do you use ?
Fahdee Saeed:
at the moment as we are just making t-shirts,they all cost the same, around Rs700
we’ve ordered the same material, companies such as ZARA and American eagle use, because we dont want tocompromise on quality
we went to several factories,but in the end,it was SUBHAN TEXTILES that was offering the kind of quality that we wanted

PMR: Who has supported/supporting you guys in your work ?
Fahdee Saeed:
well all our friends and our family have been very very supportive through out,and what we are today is all because of them and id like to specially thank uzair jaswal aka ozzy and yasir jaswal
who have helped me a lot

PMR: Does POISONBERRY stands at a high pace in the market if compared to Nomi Ansari and Muneeb Nawaz ?
Fahdee Saeed:
hmm…we are not in Competition with nomi ansari and muneeb nawaz at the moment,as they also do formal clothing,our competitors ( locally ) are stoneage
cross roads,n out fitters,we r targeting the casual market for now,later we’ll try to tap the formal clothing market as well. Inshallah we’re aiming for the top.

PMR: Tell us about your next project in the Market ?
Fahdee Saeed:
we’ll b workin on poison berry,and this time we’ll b coming up with some winter wear
like fitted uppers,zippers and hoodies

PMR: How do you see the internet market in terms of a marketing tool?
Fahdee Saeed:
Internet is one of the best modes for marketing when u have limited resources,and facebook,PMR these days
are at the forefront.

PMR: We’d love to have a word from you for PakmediaRevolution and it’s team ?
Fahdee Saeed:
pakmediarevolution,what can i say about them
they have worked so hard to promote new talent,be it musicians,
or designers,PMR has been very very helpful,their team is as friendly as it can be,and i must say,they are doing a great job
andi wish them God speed,when i needed help in promoting my music band,*MURTAZA NIAZ aka MURZIE *was there to help me out
he directed the video and then he was the one who sent our video to all the leading channels
and now when i’m starting off with my clothing business,*MURZIE* again came to my rescue,
and yeah ofcourse *AZHER AKBER* and *SOHAIB SHAH* have really really aided me in my task
they have been a great support,and i thank them from the bottom of my heart

PMR: Thank You So Much,Now Lets Wrap this thing up,any last words?
Fahdee Saeed:
i’d like to thank all my friends who have supported me with POISON BERRY,
namely adeel,aashir,sameer,sana,amna,shehreyaar,saad,yasir jaswal and none other then Uzair Jaswal aka ozzy. I want everyone to check out our new collection on our website and join our facebook group and page. I can assure you, theres a design for everyone.

Thats all folks by Fahdee Saeed The Owner of The New Boutique ‘POISONBERRY’,PMR wishes that he and his boutique reach heights
and PMR Recomnds the Clothing Line

Interview By : Azher Akber,Sohaib Shah
Edited By : Mahek Shaikh
Published By : Azher Akber

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