#TeamBackPack and They See battle league join forces to bring you this cypher produced by none other than your favorite Desi hip hop music producer GHAURI.

Blazing verses from a Soldier (Hashim Nawaz) , Doctor (Osama Com Laude) and an engineer (Xpolymer Dar) in order.

Verse-1 Hashim Nawaz:
Waddup 130, This is Hashim Nawaz straight outta Pindi,
Representing the Guerrillas,
Outright brave, we aint scared of death,
When these bullets are shot, they don’t take your life, but your will away,
The trunk loaded with MG and shells and ammo,
So much adrenaline when we spray, it’s like a God’s miracle,
The world is singing songs of our valor,
These commandos are the real G’s,
Smoke J and spend nights by the seas,
Awake, Vigilant, always,
SMG’s are the only headrest,
Whoever sleeps, then sleeps forever,
Stay woke brother, This night will be terrifying,
Make your weapon a part of you,
Keep your motherland in your thoughts,
God in your heart,
And bomb on these Khawarij no matter how many they are,
I’ll scope and kill if they open up their trap much,
Or fuck with my boys,
Foes eyeing from distance but shriek when near,
Its better if you all stay hidden forever, quiet,
When they see me coming at em they run till they drop,
My team smile when they fight,
Strolling like lions, dead bodies on their shoulders,
These Talibans are lost causes, not even on God’s radar,
Hey Talib, you a monster, there is no place for you in our world,
Verse-3 Xpolymer Dar:
Rap Engineers, Some knowledge for the thinkers,
Ask Moses, what is the cure for rage?
Ask Pharaoh, the upshot of being a fake God?
Look for our real worth in those slipped graves,
Educate your ego about that last prayer,
Ignorance makes me weep blood, winters seem like June,
I have been crushing these impostors, the story is past now,
Swear to God my patience is in your favor,
Otherwise the old Dar was a problem,
I have been plucking these bugs off of the farm,
I am hip hop’s farmer, with scythe in both arms,
Seeded urea, ran tractors alone,
Now you see fresh talent due to X factor grow,
Give you blessings (Lalu Parsaad) then upper cut you (Modi), it’s a competition,
Death waiting at a one inch distance, Bruce Lee,
Paint this holy red with the cow’s blood,
Issue the flesh with Bachan’s nuera,
Dar is weight, if your industry is a gram,
I got your name printed on the chamber, coca cola,
Let’s make it easy, these bars over your head,
Rap Engineers will keep killing one rookie at a time,
Jewish ISIS, we will crash that,
Global crisis, we will expire that,
Scoop your eyeballs out, this is Pakistan,
Zarb-e-azab choking these Talibans,
ISI like a butcher, Imran Khan our soldier,
Eidhi, a blessing from God,
List is long if I keep going on about my soil,
Backpack, Labaik, attack,
Removing hacks from desi hip hop,
Apple from Syria, Steve Jobs,
But I am no race, I am hip hop,
Rap is a strange realm,
Someone else is the king, but someone else is giving away,

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