Nazia Hassan was the most influential and popular female singer and probably the only real pop singer of the 80’s and 90’s in both India and Pakistan. Nazia Hassan shot into limelight with the PTV’s program ‘Sung Sung’. This program also featured her brother Zoheb. Considered the pioneer of pop music in Pakistan, Nazia Hassan started out at a very young age (along with her brother Zoheb), and the two had been rocked Pakistan for a long time.

India Today magazine voted Nazia Hassan as one of the 50 people who helped change the face of India. ‘Nazia Hassan set – well ahead of its time – the personal album trend in India, spawning the likes of Alisha Chinai, Lucky Ali and Shweta Shetty,’ the magazine noted at the time.

Death of Nazia Hassan came in London Aug 13, 2000 after a prolonged battle with lung cancer. She was 35.This is the month of Nazia Hassan’s 4th death anniversary.

Nazia Hassan died 4 years from now but she is still remembered by many people and she still has a fan following in the youth.

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  1. She Died Back In 2000….That Makes It 9 Years…..She Really Was The Pop Queen…Her Songs Were Really Catchy And Beautifully Written…I Still Love Her Songs…May Her Soul Rest In Peace…Ameen


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