Artist: Irtaash
Song: Tu Nahien

Directed by Sohaib Akhtar

Click Here To Download ‘ Tu Nahien ‘ VIDEO by Irtaash

Click Here To Download ‘ Tu Nahien ‘ Audio by Irtaash

Irtaash is ,
Yasir Jaswal on Vocals / Lyrics
Umer Sohail on Lead Guitars
Muhammad Talha on Bass
Fahad Khan on Rhythm Guitars
Wasim Kamal on Drums

Ureed Akbar (eddie)
Manager – Irtaash
Voice: 92-300-9702107

Irtaash was formed back in November 2001 when the band performed for the first time on stage with Yasir Jaswal on vocals, Farook Shah on lead guitars and Kaiser on rhythm guitars and a computer playing the bass and drum beats. Irtaash played their first ever single Kaali Raatien and received a lot of applause from the crowd. The band made its initial recordings at Grey Matter Studios Islamabad. The song made Irtaash popular; Kali Raatien was everywhere, on Radio and the Internet. It was the most requested song on FM 101 in 2002 and remained in the top ten song for 08 straight weeks in a show called High Voltage on FM 101. Later it also made it big on other radio stations.

Almost after a year of Irtaash Kaiser left for higher studies abroad and Umer Sohail replaced him on Rhythm Guitars. Soon Talha (Bass Guitar) and Ali Nadeem (Drums) joined Irtaash and the band line-up was complete.

Irtaash started to storm audiences everywhere and soon became a big name in the underground scene of not only Islamabad but Pakistan. The Band released another melodious demo song called “Khauf” in summer 2006 which received almost 60,000 downloads in one month.

Irtaash Official Website –

Later that year (2006) Irtaash released the video of “Kali Raatien” Directed by Zeeshan Parwez. It was aired on all major music channels of Pakistan and brought even more miracles for the band.

By the end of 2006 Farooq Shah (Lead Guitarist) decided to go abroad to pursue his studies, Umer took the responsibility of being the Lead guitarist of Irtaash. Fahad was introduced on Rhythm Guitars. Irtaash decided not to compromise on sound quality and choose to the record the whole album from S & M Studios (Sarmad Ghafoor). Band has managed to come up with a distinct and superb sound which today makes Irtaash different from others.

With the album ready all looked set for Irtaash until Ali Nadeem finally decided to leave for abroad to pursue studies as well. Ex-Rung drummer Wasim Kamal was called forth as a session drummer for Irtaash until he was finally included in the line up in late 2009.

In this particular song ‘Tu Nahien’ Sarmad Ghafoor has featured on Lead Guitars.

Click Here To Download ‘ Tu Nahien ‘ VIDEO by Irtaash

Click Here To Download ‘ Tu Nahien ‘ Audio by Irtaash

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  1. Tu Nahi (Lyrics)

    Kehte Hain Mujh Say Meri Tanhaiaan
    Nachti Hain in Bandh Aanthoon Talay
    Kabhi Aansu Ban Kay Meri Aankhoon Ko Tu Bharay
    Kabhi Subha Ban Kay meri Raatoon Ko Din Karay

    Tu Nahi, Tou Kya ,Tera Ehsaas Sahi
    Tu Nahi, Tou Kya ,Tera Ehsaas Sahi

    Teri Chahat Na Aarzu Na Aaas Hai Koi
    Tu Nahi, Teri Nafratien, Bhe Nahi, Nahi

    Tou Kya Hai Jo Yeh Pal
    Tham Jaeen Aur Wo Kal
    Aa Sakay Koi,
    Jin Ke Tasveeroon Mein
    Tum Aur Mein, Hum Naheen

    Tu Nahi, Tera Gham He Sahi
    Ab Hum Nahi, Aur Ab Tum Nahi
    Kuch Bhe Tou Yahan Pehlay Jaisa Nahi
    Ab Hum Nahi , Aur Ab Tum Nahi
    Kuch Bhe Tou Yahan Pehlay Jaisa Nahi
    Kehte Hain Mujh Say Meri Tanhaiaan

  2. Correction in the Lyrics:

    Kya hey Jo Ye Pal Thamm Jayen
    Aur Wo Kal Na Aa sake Kabhi
    Jin Ki Tasweeron Mein
    Tum Aur Mei, Hum Nahi

    A really nice songs…cool composition…superb vocals…good lyrics

    Irtaash Rocks!!!!!!!

  3. Great song, really Irtaash you’ve proved yourselves. Been waiting for an album release for how many years? As long as it’s good quality like this I have no complaints. Keep up the amazing work!

  4. the song’s awesum..but the begining is quite close with Ali Abbas’s “Malal’…..well mixed…rock on irtash…

  5. omg tash i was thinking the same !!
    but the song is still lovely ! ..
    bohot dino k baad im inlove with a pakistani song aisai !! ..

  6. Sounds really clean and crisp, need more of this on the album. Seems like you have been working really hard for such a long time, hope your efforts pay off with the album release & concerts.

  7. wonderful song– beautiful melody!!!!! first time i heard your work,. now you have gained 1 more fan 🙂

  8. Amazing Song…Very touchy…
    Just for the record..
    The Lead/Solo is played by SArmad Ghafoor…
    No offence to Umar… I doubt when i first listen to that…
    Sarmad bhai…Dude ur a LEGEND \m/

    Keep up the good work…

  9. A very sad song.. but most of our songs are sad coz har ksi k saath kuch na kuch hua he hota hay 🙂 dhoka.. ya kuch or..
    Sad but a nice song.. soothing..

  10. o yea..jst one thng guyz…please make sure u hv ds song n ‘shab dhale’ on acoustic in da album..

  11. Dear All,

    The latest released track by Irtaash ” Tu Nahien” entered the charts on AAG on the 5th Spot. This is a great achievement on behalf of the band. Now its up to the fans to make make it go to the number 1.

    Keep sending your requests of “Tu Nahien” by Irtaash on 224 from your mobile phones or email your requests to the following addresses:

    We thank you for your continued support.

    Team Irtaash

  12. Tu Nahien # 1 On AAG 10….woo hooo

    Keep Texting “17” to 224 if you want Tu Nahien to stay #1 on the Charts….



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