Band: Alag The Band
Date Of Birth : 28th november 2006
Place Of Birth : Islamabad
Official Website :

Band Members:

FARHAN AZMAT: Lead Vocals, Lead Guitars
MUDDASSIR KHAN: Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Music composer + Recordings
UMAIR a.k.a AJ-DJ: Disk jockey, Sequencing, Remixes

For Concerts & Gigs Contact :

Nasir Khan
+ 92 344-5484330


ALAG (different, unique)

In the year 2006 Muddassir Khan who had some good songs, lyrics and compositions, thought of forming a musical band and he came up with the name ALAG, he was searching for professional band members who can work with him, and after sometime he met a guy named Farhan Azmat in a random jam. Before that Farhan was practicing with his own band with the name AMD, Mudassir felt that Farhan is the right guy which he is looking for, so he offered Farhan to join with him on the vocals and to form a band  which they both had ambitions for. Farhan accepted his offer and Alag was formed.
Inspired from bands like Metallica, Evanescence and Linkin park , Muddassir and Farhan wanted to bring a change in the present musical scene of Pakistan,After completing the first track Muddassir offered a Dj named Umair a.k.a AJ, who was his net friend, to make a remix version of their debut track ALAG. He has already made many remixes for underground bands like IRTAASH, KAFFAS, MAX PROJECT and many others. Muddassir really loved the work and wanted him to become a part of the ALAG team.The band Alag admired his work. He accepted the proposal to join ALAG as the DJ of the band.
As soon as they started working together, Recording of thier tracks was needed, and for that purpose they went to many studios and recorded thier music but they were never satisfied with the quality that they were being given as per the quality that they wanted, So after going through many studios they learnt that they should record thier own stuff by themselves.Atlast they came up with the quality of the music that the band wanted.

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