Song: Bol Raahi
Band: Jhoot The Band

Jhoot has a vision to become the catalyst of the Music Industry and to be known as one of the most wanted Pakistani band. Jhoot was formed in 2005 and now after much endeavor and effort with a team of four members
Wakar Siddiqui, Maaz khan , Ali Shozab and Wakas Ahmed, they are out there with an amazing arsenal of songs. They named the band Jhoot why?
Because their music and songs are based on the mystical life and the unmanageable social acts. They beilieve that this world is a lie and the real world is yet be seen by a living human being. This debut album is destined to ROCK the audiences listening to different genres specially Alternative Rock. Luckily, All the members of Jhoot have one common craze and that is to Perform Live which has always been original and out of ordinary. After many struggling years Jhoot is finally decided to take the heat of the Main Stream from this year 2009 along with all of your Love and Support.

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  1. Farigh song hai ./………………pata nahi kahan kahan say uth ker ajatay hain ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no symetery in music …… feel totally farigh bhai app log music chour do yeh app k liayay nai hai

  2. fitttttttttttttt song hai Raza khan and Zoha get a life learn to appericiate new people after all they are from our country no offense to anyone
    song rocks big time 🙂

  3. Eshaa farigh song farigh he hota hai ………………… acha hota hai ussay mei had say ziada appreciate kerta hoon bayshak wo pak ka ho yaa kisi or country ka n jo farigh hai wo farigh hai ok

  4. Being very honest, most of your lyrics were already coming to mind what could be the next line you’d say. And this shows, what you’ve made is not much different. This does not totally mean you’ve lost it, rather you’ve chance to improve it.
    I am somewhat musician at my own-scale, I do not show-off or bluff but the thing is, the chords progression and all is nothing “peculiar” than what is being used in the current music industry.


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