No training needed to become a singer: Atif Aslam

While most musicians say that training is a prerequisite of a good singer, Pakistani singer Atif Aslam who has crooned popular Bollywood songs like Woh lamhe (Zehar), Aadat (Kalyug) and Pehli nazar mein (Race) feels that he is a born singer.

“A singer should not be criticised just because he is not trained as, according to me, you do not need training for singing,” said Atif on a special show which was broadcast on Thursday on Radio One 94.3 FM in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.

The singer, who is an ardent fan of Kishore Kumar, revealed that it was the legendary singer’s songs that inspired him to become a singer.

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  1. teri bhool hai atif..k singer ko trained nhe hona chayie..if ur not den dun give useless suggestions to our new singers who r strugglin to learn musik n den show up demselves..u reaally suck..n thats the truth..

  2. So you’re giving people the same advice that you probably took? Dude please don’t say that, everyone needs to train their voices in some respect whether it is professionally or independently. Otherwise they might start using a form of singing that may damage their vocal cords. It’s always best to train your voice when starting out. When you find a style of singing that you can become accustomed to then you wont have to train your voice as often.

    People shouldn’t take advice from a shitty singer like you anyways…… you sound like a dying goat. The best example is the “Hum kis gali” track.

  3. hey hey hey!!!! guyzzzzzzzz….. u r wrong!!! damn wrong!!! ……the music which selzz iz best..!!vocalzz..which sell iz…awesome n are called trained ( even they r not) music which selzz will rock the world even itzz juz a song with clapz or juz flute….as long as atif sellzz……no matter wat happenz…who ever sayzz atif iz shitt…iz juzt a pile of shitt him or herslef!!! trust me…:D:D….no indian singer or music director shuld say dat..atif iz nothin….can those looserzz move the crowd like atif do..go n tell..abhijeet to make a single person in the crowd cheer n roar 4 him…not asingle person will ok.soo atif rockzz as lond as he sellzz~!~

  4. listen guys.. i really respect atif as a musician.. koi bura nahi hai sab apni apni jagah theek hain..jahan tak atif ki is statement ka taluk hai.. i would just like to say “bandar kiya jane adraq ka sawad” .. i ve been trainned as a proffessional classical singer.. i started learning it since the age of 13 and now mashallah i am 20.. and i think trainning has really made me come where i have.. i have achieved quite abit i believe and all that due to trainning warna mein kiya tha kuch bhi nahi..everything that u do has some rules to it..playing without rules is not a fair game is it? personally i was offended by this statement cuz this would mean that mein pechle 7-8 saal jhak marta raha hun.. lol… and for those who dont know.. i might add ali zafar and atif both have been recieveing classical trainning lately.. my advice to atif.. bro.. there is no harm in admiting that u learn and you have learned it only shows how much you love music and how far are u willing to go for it. be sincere to the proffession that has given so much to you.. raaata laga ker paper dene se number tau puray aa sakte hain leikein concept jis insaan ke ban jaein woh insaan hamesha raaatay bazz se agay nikal jata hai kiun ke raata tau bhool jata hai… so cheer everyone..ignore this statement.. and if you are really sincere to music do learn it before you do it..

    Peace on everyone

  5. And he needs training what to say next in front of the media and not just babble anything that discourages the upcoming singers/bands by his amateur statement.

  6. atif you need to get a life………… you suck big time………….. you should not be called a singer even…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :@

  7. ATIF U SUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    plz apney advice apney tak hi rakha karo
    agar khud ney nahi seekha tou doosroon ko kyun discourage kerahey hoo
    jealous kyun ho agar new comers tum sey acha gatey haiin
    so shut up u lil piece of a shit

  8. Atif u r right. Becoz everyone has inborn talent. I THINK JO MUZIK HUM SIKHTE HAI WOH MUZIC BHI KISI KI KHOZ HOGI music toh isaan ke ander hi hota hai ise bahar khojne ki jarurat hi nahi. Atif u have a god gifted voice tabhi toh apki itni fan folowing hai

  9. i think atif is right..bcz the work of singer is to sing the song….composer have to check whether the nodes r right or it is good if a singer is classicaly trained but we cnt say that a person who is nt trained cnt sing the song…


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