Artist: Owais Alam
Song: Geo Phir Se

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  1. what a Nice Song If The Unplug is Such a Better One What About the plug one The Voice Is Sweet And Yes The Uper Notes Hit Like Bang Wish u Best of luck

  2. ovi my old pal my brother ……..uve made a brilliant song dude …. i always knew tht u will come up with sumthing very koool but this song is beyond my xpectations ….. keeep making musik bro and keep roking !!!!

  3. hey rokcEEeee…!! nic wrk han… kep growed…. so wen wll we go Afghanistan for shotin…. buh hahhahhaha…

    xXx ROMEO xXx

  4. heyy dude great job….i wud luv 2 hear da original version sumday….keep doing da gud job..


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