Yeh Pal in ‘Aasma – The Sky Is The Limit (2009)’ Movie ft. Music By Call The Band From Pakistan

Amid growing tensions between India and Pakistan, Call decided to release their second Bollywood venture, Yeh Pal for the movie Aasma, featuring Nauheed Cyrusi and Hrishita Bhatt. This goes to show that even in this fragile political scenario, Pakistani music is still in high demand across the border and the dependency is still there.

The song is about moments that pass us by, and the moments that we let go. It represents the story of everyone’s life in general. How things keep on changing and how we adapt, how we need to be patient in order to achieve our goals.

Yeh Pal is not just a part of a Bollywood movie, but also part of Call’s second album. The video for Yeh Pal was shot in Mumbai last December.

Click Here To Download – Video

Click Here To Download – Yeh Pal (Simple)
Click Here To Download – Yeh Pal (Remix)

Watch : Yeh Pal [Video]

Watch : Yeh Pal [Web Promo]

Watch 30sec Movie promo. Sound Track composed by Call

Watch 60sec ‘Yeh Pal’ Song Promo (without band) Song composed by Call.
Band version of video releasing soon.

Click Here To Download – 30 Sec Promo – Audio
Click Here To Download – 60 Sec Promo – Audio

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  1. I am thoroughly disappointed with call.
    since when do we say “Kaiy Ki” those indians have molded one of my fav bands into one of them.
    gross. eww. i dont mind that they are producing a song for a bollywood movie. I upset that it sounds indian.
    oh and also…TOO much pop. NOT enough rock. I dont want to hear Adeel sing “move your body” i want some rock.

  2. fit song hai…. i watched the vdo on an indi channel… all three looking good ! no comments on another kidish hero lol

  3. A Brief Review
    With due expectations finally Call’s latest project is out..

    Yeh Pal has been in the buzz and now when we have heard the song.. we can simply sit back and get lost in its charm and captivating feel !

    Even now the success of Laree Chooti reverberates in our minds.. Yeh Pal brings the uplifting mood yet again.. with Xulfi’s crisp vocals rendering the song its some what euphoric angst !

    The song is beautifully composed and nicely executed.. the violins are noticeably impact-ful…and sometimes elevate the song to anthemic feel. The song flows smoothly and has its required ‘moments’. One for me is where the whistling happens and the part to follow. The female backing vocals are good too. And not to forget the powerful lyrics on which the whole song rides which is crafted by Xulfi himself !!

    Overall the song leaves u wanting for more.. and thats where the success story of the song begins, though its yet to be seen how the audience take the song. The song is second coming for the band CALL which is seeking to make further inroads into Indian Film Music Industry.. but with the current situation slightly unfavourable.. times will only tell how far this story goes !

    Its another time when music in its purest form should prevail beyond boundaries and if i can add.. genres !!

  4. overall, it’s such a sweet peppy song.. xulfi’s vocals blend really well with the music. the violins are a lovely touch.
    and it’s good to see juanid in the vid this time around.

    and the na na na na part is the best!

    (not much more to say.. Dan got it all in above, lol)

  5. welllll… the song is good yeah it is
    i will agree with what amna said..

    call doesnt sound like a ROCK BAND anymore…. it sounded so gay, pop , indianish.. and that isnt impressive 🙂

    they should’ve stayed to there originality… CALL! isnt a rock band if you listen to this pop indianized song

  6. the video is just pathetic seriously! the song is alot better than the video! it just looks fake! and i think zulfi outsang himself! then again .. i can’t watch the video on tv.. it simply sucks! junaid if doesn’t know how to play the guitar shouldn’t have been so focused on!

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