Artist: Zohaib Qazi
Song: Awaz (The Last Radiowave)

About Zohaib Kazi:
It was 2 years ago that he thought by bending the current laws of music and by rearranging the present, heard structure, he would be able to invent a new form of music. Extracting elements from his western influences and blending them with rich eastern formats, he has managed to devise an original form. He has named these new genres as “ambient south asia” and “fusion underground”. He is an extreme example of experimentatal creative work ranging from music to anything. “Awaz” would be his debut release on radio and internet.

Ismail ka Urdu Sheher:
”Ismail ka Urdu Sheher” is based on the story of a scientist(Ismail) who dedicates his life towards changing the world through his inventions. It’s a mix of fantasy, third world, science, science fiction, romance and Zohaib Kazi.

Trivia-Awaz (Last Radiowave):

– The irritating computer generated voice in the beginning of the song is of Stephen Hawking, the mathematician.
– The song is based on the concept of communication from a similar world far away in another solar system.

Written, Composed and Produced by:
M Zohaib Kazi

Featured acts on Awaz (Last Radiowave):
Samra Khan and Jaffer Ali Zaidi

Recorded at: 2nd hand street-Creation Station

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