Song Name: Kya Hua?
Artist Name: Max Project ft. Akash

Post : PMR Studios
Director: Murtaza Niaz (Murzie)

The Max Project is a hip hop duo from Lahore(Umar) and Dubai(Max). It released its first track called Dhuan feat. Nasir and Sam. The track had only Max at that time. Umar joined in the band after meeting Max at Rana Hassan’s Birthday Party. After that the guys have been performing off and on. Umar is also featured in two songs of Aksh Ji Lia {Hip Hop MIX} and Rock Funda. Further collaborations are also expected.

The Max Project is not just any rap group talking bout cars, chains booze or girls. Its totally dedicated towards the true issues of the society and discourages materialism and the fake morals of the high society. With its lyrics it has become the “Voice Of The People” .

Click Here To Download (Audio)
Click Here To Download (Video)

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  1. well dts a perfct sng accordng 2 da current scenario ov our country nd da wrld….. so we really need these kinda sngzzz…. thumbzzz up guyzzz!!!!!

  2. Wel Wel Wel {Sigh}

    AwesOme wOrk on Video i muSt say ..

    Lyric’s are best according to the scenario as my friend said so ..

    its simply touchy

    Best Of Luck Guy’s 🙂

  3. yeah man….. they shud b given full credit for thier work as it repesnts all da feelngz ov our YouTH….
    Lookng 4 sum more creative Work frm The maXX’ss……!!!

  4. Nice work bro… I was looking forward to this video…
    Very good direction..
    Max and Umar you guyz did some great stuff….
    Best ov luck…

  5. AwesOme….Good Work Max….Fantastic Song..
    i Lookng 4 sum more Work 4rm u Maxxxxx…..
    Best of luck……….

  6. the work wasnt bad if some people themselves had tried to live upto the reality which has been tried in the video

    whats the use?

  7. The song is just awesome. The video direction and concept is vert nice !

    Best of luck for the future guys !

  8. hey guys , lov ur track man …

    im a rapper too , looking for a shot… can u guys provide me that shot , ive mentioned my website check out my tracks over there… focus on the lyrics more then the quality because its all home recording… please help me out if you can , thanks


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