Song: Hum Kya Hain
Band: D Trap

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  1. good job..a bit overworked and too much echo on the vocals. The vocalist sounds good but would sound better on pop songs, guitars sound mature and pretty good.

  2. @ “ALI” shame on you instead of encouraging these guys ur insulting them
    ican bet on ths tht u cant evn sing like ths
    hey guyz gud effort:)
    bst ov luck

  3. Well!!! nice work….vocals need to be improved!!

    Lyrics…no comments
    Guitaring’s good..mixing done in home….very good

    Kepp good in future…besty ov luck!!!

  4. the track perfectly matches with the current scenario of human life, mature lyrics and the vocals and the guitars both rock

  5. this is amazing!!
    lyrics exactly match the scenario what i was told about
    vocals were good…as far as i know its a difficult song to sing..
    i dont think anyone could sing it better than this

  6. thnx for the support guys we have really worked hard on this track and truly vocals were a tough job for me on this song @Shanzay and Saad thnx alot

  7. awesum song..but it cud b much better den dis..n only u guys can do..!! u got the rite potentials..keep on workin ..lookin forward to a bombastic video..being teenagers n workin on dis such type ov comptetion around..really difficult thing to do..HATS OFF..


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