Artist: Wasey Naik
Song: Tum Mere Dil Mein

A Jeddah Based Pakistani Singer Now On His Way
By Jia Qureshi.

Wasey Naik is a young talented Jeddah based Pakistani singer.He learned music on his own and took the step back in 2005. Wasey is passionate about music since childhood, and used to participate in different musical shows in school, also performed in many concerts. Besides singing, Wasey Naik can also play a guitar.He started with a Random strum on guitar which he learned on his own and he is now a vocalist, song writer and a composer. Wasey’s passion for singing comes from the belief that we all are created by God and it is for us to celebrate and appreciate the gifts and talents that are inside.

Wasey is greatly inspired by Oliver Shanti and A.R Rahman, also considers them as his leading light. Therefore he has set his goals and objectives that speak volumes of his unlimited expression of talent.

Wasey Naik has a home studio where he makes music and record songs. He is an amazingly talented fellow and his efforts for music speaks for itself. Wasey has recently released his debut single “TUM MERE DIL MEIN” exclusively on the popular website J4jumpy.NET, which has proven to be a hit. There is no doubt that this young singer has flair for singing and love to make music as best as he can. On the other hand, Wasey is planning to prove his perfection in the art of music again. He is now working on his next single track called “Palestine” which is scheduled to release soon.

According to Wasey Naik, music is a language which he uses to share his feelings and thoughts. Wasey is a confident young man and believes in making unique and different kind of music, playing with tunes using many techniques, later formed as a brilliant piece of work. As they say, surprise is for those who believe in themselves other than following a particular trend.

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  1. reaaly.. wasted tym to download diz fcking stupid song …. juz bulshyt man u have to do work hard for ur whole lyf buh u cnt b achieve.. well really u wasted my tym ….

  2. but I found this song really really nice…………….. infact heart throbbing voice with a beautiful melody and wonderful composition………. people need taste to listen to dis track !!

  3. hmm maybe Salman,ur sum guy from wasey naiks friends whos jealous from him or what? its ur own common sense,if u are tooo damn choosy and moody then u must NOT download songs like this .u must always download those songs which u already heard and liked.

    and about wasey naiks song,its great! i downloaded it and i love his voice and i think hes gona become a hit singer soon..
    look,everyone has his/her own indivisual personality and choice,many people likes this song and many love it..many dont like it but i think theres not anyone so rude enough to blabber that i hate it etc… u must keep ur views to urself and not try to download any unknown songs from now on if ur this much mooody.

    and mr wasey! great going! i love ur song! is there any way to contact uuuu 😛


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