Artist: Justuju
Song: Justuju

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  1. sum1 plz tel me if they r da same guyz frm multan??? as multan realy ROCKZ….. well nice job……. ur last track ws also kool……. luking 4 studio vrsion ov dis songg….

  2. AOA,,, how ru all ? i hope u r all alri8,,,,
    thnx alot 4 the appreciation,,,,,
    yeah sunny v r the same guyz 4m MULTAN,,,, and the studio version wld also b out soon
    plz keep supporting us and keep spreading the song,,,,,,,

    ALLAH HAFIZ and plz do take care

  3. yeah man…. em also frm multan so we shud b promotng our city by giving sum gud nd useful muzik…..
    wht u guyz do here xceot muzik??? nd keep up da gud work….

  4. thnx alot Zohaib,,,
    yeah ive bin working real hard on my vocalz and im real glad tht uve liked the song 🙂

  5. Ala! Man. i like man. kool romantic song. keep it up man. Really now u improve vocals 😀
    Awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀 “SORRY YAAR” hahahah


  6. I absolutely loved the song. Beautiful from the beginning to the end. Amazing voice and poetry. The guitarist has done a very good job too. Keep up the good work guys and hope you guys make it big one day 🙂

  7. i lov ths song i lov it ! the vocalist is soooooooooooooooo amazing ! and the guitarz r xcellent aswl !
    i hope u guyz bring out the full version soon enufff
    Gr8 Work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. OMG ! ths is so gud ! the vocalist has reli improved after the fist 1 ” Bhoolay Nahin ” !
    u guyz rock ! ths song remindz of so many thingz ! i guess the voice has made it sound so touching !
    keep rocking !

  9. hey burner ! even if his voice dz, so wat ? i dnt care cz tne song is soooooooooooooo gud !
    plz ppl v need 2 appreciate and support him rather thn pointing out stuff tht mi8 have a negative impact on his skills !

  10. Hey…. This song is probably one the best songs ive heard from the underground scene in pakistan, this song is simply beautifull, gr8 music and most of all the vocals are brilliant, suleman i cant describe how nicely uve sung this song and ur voice is truly amazing, flawless song, all thumbs up and i really do think u will acheive alot wiv ur voice… take care… n kp giving us gr8 music …..

  11. hi every1
    ths song is awesome its so gud i cant believe sumone frm the undergroung haz done it,,,,,,
    the vocalz of suleman ROCK ! keep rocking and keep up the gud work

  12. hi frnds,
    guys aap ka song buhat acha hai but try to change ur vocal..its seemz like atif aslam…so don try to copy someone make ur own not gonna disheart or discourage u..u guys have done brilliant job but try to make ur own style ..if anyone will listen this song widout knwin u they will definatley guess tht this sung is sung by be-sura atif..hahahahahaah..keep it boyss..c yaa

  13. hey nawab man,,,,,,,,,
    im sori if i didnt lyk the song,,,, bt im also sori 4 the fact tht i wldnt b able 2 help u in ths matter cz i cnt change my vocal chordz, can i ? and the ppl who’ve heard me sing, they knw its wat i do,,,, i dnt copy no1, im jst suleman, trying 2 make my way in the world of music,, and if my voice resemblez atifz, thn im reli sori i cnt do anythng abt it,,, and i cnt change who i am !
    thnx alot all the guyz n girlz 4 the appreciation,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  14. hey thr everyone. ths song is so good and the vocals of suleman are awesome ! the lyrics and the guitars they are wonderfull ! and NAWaB, he is actually right i guess, u dnt have to point out that his voice resembles atif aslam’s and that he copies atif, let us all appreciate the fact that these guys have done a brilliant job and they are from MULTAN ! that ROCKS ! THEY ROCK !
    keep up the good work boys,,,,
    hope that u would bring more of the brilliant music !

  15. WOW ! beautiful song ! Sulemanz Voice Rocks and Furqan u Rock aswl ! gr8 job guyz ! ur song iz soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful ! its so soft above all, its sung and played beautifully !
    Hope u guyz make it big 1 day ! and may tht day b real real sooooooon !
    tc guyz,,,,, lov ur song !

  16. i lov it
    i lov it
    i lov it
    i lov it
    i lov it
    i lov it
    its so soooooooooooooooooooooft and soooooooooooo touching
    i hope suleman ( the vocalist ) hznt had 2 go through any tragic events in life
    cz his voice seems so real 2 wat he is singing
    soooooooooooooooooooo touching !
    lov u guyz !

  17. nice song.. love the rythm nd softness

    so guys u r frm uni .. so knse technology or course main ho ap ????

    m also frm mux and uni 🙂


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