Artist: Zuj
Song: Bayrukhi

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  1. Aoa ! hey ZUJ after many years ,i’ve heard a song that touched the bottom of my heart.U guys have done a great job and u deserve appreciation.Hats off to u………. both phoonk lay and bayrukhi are songs with some new type of music.I m trying to spread it out in ma friends and other people i know.More than 80 of ma friends have ur song in there cell fones and ipods.Hey can i have the id of the vocalist.My id is “”.pls mail me.i’ll b waiting.nd one more thing.jux make a vdo of bayrukhi nd u’ll see tht ur band will roack Pakistan.Good wishes for u.


  2. Where iz diz band nowadyx?? man deir zibahkhana song nd diz song both r insanely awesome…why aint dey as famous as othr bandx??do dey deir own officially released album??:S..plzz cn ane1 temme..


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