Artist: Junaid & Ismail
Song: Aisa Ho

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  1. Buhat Farig song. samajh hi nahi ata k kia singing ho rahi hai or poora song out of scale hai.. ajeeb hi song hai kch samajh nahi aya but music is nice.

  2. actually i recorded da vocals in 1st shot soo didnt give the best of it…i am so not satisfied with the scale and all as well but we have new songs coming up..wont make this mistake again =)

  3. yeah man…. em jst lookng up 4 ur new trax n i hope u ll b doin mch better thn….
    do giv a melodious n loving touch 2 ur new sngz as well as dis pmr thng really missng sum melodious n cooooooool type ov sngzzz….

  4. Are we celebrating mediocrity or what?

    None of these people know how to belt out even one correct note. Its an affront to music.

    Word of advice, if you can’t sing, please just use vocal tuners.

  5. alakaaaa jungeeeeeeeeee gaaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………………………ala za khu pa net ralam barrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  6. actually lyrics are quite nice that made me listen to this otherwise the song is not up to marks. Guys you have to work hard in order to prove yourselves.

    And yea I totally agreed with ArcticWynd.


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