Artist: Ahmad Rocker & Basit – Teri Socho Mein
Song: Teri Socho Mein

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  1. nice song dude………!!!! u hav proved dat u r really a true ROCKER…………. best ov luck for da future…!!!!!!

  2. R u really the sedha saada shy kidz i usd 2 teach???
    God, times have changed!!!
    Seriously, that was the last thing i wudv expected 4m u though its amazing 🙂
    May you go miles and then some..

  3. Hey guys! Bhai sent me this link, you’re great!! Wow you’re so grown up I had no idea you had this much talent. Awesome! =)

  4. every one thankz 4 the great support.hopefully next time we r going to come up with the best we can do! pray 4

  5. da AAANNNNNNNNNN……………AAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN……………song lagta hai ahmed HEMAISH ka kafi bara fan hai………… gaane aaann aaan bhat tha……….:P
    by da way gutarist pass ho gya:D

  6. Well Well Well !!! Firstly, as far as i know everyone who commented knows you very well, as a friend or as a relative or whatever. Facing hard reality at the time of boom really will disappoint you but on the other hand it is key to success in future if you try overcoming your mistakes. Secondly I would say lyrics was very good, however there was no maturity in your voice. you really need to work on your voice. it seemed like you were trying to show off by singing in very deep voice with very low tone. you might not feel it while you sing, but people listening to you other than your friends and relatives will notice immaturity in your voice. i am not considering your friends and relatives because there are exceptions which you might understand. Bring maturity in your voice, if you wont then this will be the biggest barrier for your success. Lastly i want to wish you a very good luck for your career ahead.

  7. for mr wellwisher
    hmmmmmm tnx yarr but telling u about immaturity i think being only 17 years old there will b im maturity but on the other hand i am learning clasical muzik….to get maturer then the pop artisits pak hav….who r un learned singers………

  8. I liked this song.
    I liked the lyrics.
    I liked the way it was sing.
    I liked the way the video was done. Very impactive.
    This is a great song.
    For starters the lyrics have meaning.
    Some of the garbage we are listening to right now has no meaning, therefore it has no impact on the senses.
    This is a beautiful song and worth listening to.


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