Artist: B-x
Song: Resident Evil [Rap Song]

My real name is Babar Khan and my roots are back in NWFP, strange ain’t it hehe. Well to tell you the truth, rap wasn’t really my thing and i hadn’t even heard the genre before 10th grade. The first rap song i took a gud listen to was Eminem’s ‘The Real Slim Shady’ and sumin just connected you know wat i mean, sumin jus felt right and that was where my rappin days began though i din knew if i was good or not before 12th grade when in college Omer Bhai from the band ‘ROOH’ which i became a part of listened ta me n pumped back some confidence. From there on in, i was no more a lost wanderer and knew wat my real abilities were. 99.9% of my inspiration was and perhaps still is Eminem. Writings were another matter which took a long time to evolve and become somewhat a mature and complete song writer though there is still a long way to the top. Battlin or ORCUT was a big help in this regard. I did two or three gigs during my time in FC College. But the real thing picked up at the end of my first semester in LSE when i did a gig through a contact in KAPS and then gigs started pourin in and people were impressed. I also got to do a show on ATV but later on things cooled up again while i concentrated on my originals. Some people have been a big hurdle on my way here but with god’s grace, finally i’m here and have my fingerx crossed for the outcome. I hope most of you like my first single. CHOW!!!!!

Well i know most of you would be surprised but the whole inpiration behind this song is IRON MAIDEN. Yes i listen to metal aswell and i praise STEVE HARRIS’S lyrics. The song is about war time and a man who is concerned about the situation, who understands the complications, the politics and the propaganda and is fighting besides many other soldiers and is willing to fulfill his duty to his country. This is like the main plot but is totally upto the listener what sense he or she puts the song in.

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  1. grim ripper (ur display name makes no logical sense btw)..u need to learn the meaning of flow when it comes to rappin..they call it freestyle..where all u gotta do is to avoid missin or oversteppin the beat..theres no rule of stickin to a pattern..n trust me changin patterns along the flow of beat is harder than stickin to one

    good job baber..all u need to work on is the originality of ur style (the eminem twist is too obvious) and the accent..either go for complete ghetto style or if u wanna keep it shrill, held n controlled then practice the jaw movements while u spit..cuz thts whts different among languages n accents..i hav given u the key, rests up to u

    u look like a plan..hope u hit the scene hard..word!

  2. You need to up your delivery
    flow was nice !!!!!!!
    Nice quality i wish if i cud afford these studios and i wud have dropped my single long back!!!

  3. yo…. amazing work babar… make the music a bit more intense but other than tht it was amzing… dont let these ignorant mofos like grim ripper get to u … hope u go a long way.. u deserve it…

  4. i love your song…its reli nice..
    good to see that pakistan has got this type of talent..keep going bro

    i want the lyrics of this song…where can i have them pleez…??

    thank you~

  5. Hey Babar….. Lubly…….. I told you , you can do it……… Haa……Still i remmbr in the grounds of FCC……..U used to aaah…..

    Awesome spirit man…….. Nice work…….. I appreciate………And i really do pray for you ….. May God Bless You…..


  6. yo baby…………. baba im very pleased to see the way u hav emerged from no one to be the one…………….itsssss fabulous jani….u hav been a real inspiration for so many luckily not me………….hahahha… but u know darling i hav heard yr songs n frankly speakin……….maza tou bohat aya par samajh nai aii……….wel that was trule for fun n u know mw na people wl not cal me adeel if iwont make jokes like this………..but on a serious note u r our……………………… true ……………….. .FC ROCK STAR… ! BYE


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