Artist: Kharaj the Band
Song: Akaila


The story began back in 2004 when the interests of 2 guys Usman & Saqib brought them together. Soon they were bestest of buddies and did music only for fun. saqib was on drums and Usman was on Rhythms & Vocals.Then came the entry of Zain and it felt lyk he was the only thing lacking in what later became a band known as RAVEN THE BAND ….

Raven “a small ameture underground band” then took its flight with a swing on winds not to be faded away by any storm or thunder and meanwhile Qaiser, brother of Saqib Joined the band on Rhythm guitarz as Usman was on lead guitarz now. Usman on Vocals & Leads, Zain n Qaisar on rhythms & Saqib on drums. That’s how it all started… a permanent bassist was all they needed then.

Then started their flow with the tide, performances on a public level in Islamabad.The moment of decision follwed as a climax to this story, they would have to be very professional if they wanted what their dreams to be translated into reality n that could only come alive if they gave it their best.

Sadly Zain had different priorities set for him ahead of music, so he left. Raven then got asscociated with Tritone Productions and renamed the band to “Kharaj”.

KHARAJ meaning a musical note in Urdu language. Then came another twist in their story ,they took a step ahead and from underground they turned into a commercial band.

Soon after that a new guy “Wilfred” from Karachi, who used to play on sessions with Kharaj joined the band as a permanent member and the line up became as Usman on vocals and Rhythms, Wilfred on leads, Qaisar on Bass & Saqib on Drums.

Since then it has been a no turning back for KHARAJ. Kharaj has been performing at different levels and stages and doing a great Job. These four guyz have a perfect chemistry that keeps them together and makes them come up with great melodies

and tunes. And this story doesn’t end here because it has many many chapters of success still to be written…

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  1. new bands should try to do something different.. nice track, bt nothin to go mad about.. same old riffs and beats..
    bt nice lyrics btw.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. keep it coming. I just want to make one thing clear that it is a Demo version, so do not consider it to be the final one. Many parts are dummy including vocals. Final version will be released with the album. Keep supporting.


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