Junaid Jamshed’s upcoming album to inspire the youth & nation

Junaid will be coming back with a bang with a new album in the coming year, which according to him, is on the lines of his previous album, Jalwa e Janan. The only difference is that is not a compilation of naats, but actual experiences in life that inspire him which he has woven together in a lyrical form to inspire the youth and the nation.

“I spend most of my time on Allah’s path. In my upcoming album, which will be released sometime next year, I have put in the little knowledge that I have to improve people’s lives. Everyone has worries in life that they want addressed. I have tried to address those problems and in the process I have learnt a lot and have tried to mend my own self. If I can help inspire anyone with my work, it an achievement for me. That is my objective,” he speaks about his new path in life and it is interesting that he doesn’t really place stock in doing something special on August 14.

“I’m not doing anything particular on Independence Day. I try and do something interesting all year round. Ramzan is coming up and on the business side we are trying to come up with good designs. Shalwar kameez should be trendy so people look good and want to wear them, which is what we concentrate on. We always try and play with different colours and that you see all year round. Its not something were doing specially for August 14. Pakistani people have their own distant tastes and styles and our designers are working on those lines all year round.” Junaid Jamshed can convert all he wants and have many more careers, but for the people of Pakistan, he is one icon who is never going out of style.

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