Presidential Idol

Instep Today asks celebrities the most pertinent question of the week: “Who should be the next President of Pakistan and why?”

Rohail Hyatt

“Wishfully thinking, Pervez Musharraf – because he was good for the country in a long term perspective. People were short sighted. Realistically, it should be a bipartisan, nonparty person – that’s what the country needs. We need to decide whether we’ll have a Presidential form of government or Parliamentary system, the confusion is messing us up. Is the President going to be a dummy or a political person? This needs to be decided..”

Fawad Khan

“I think that the question is incorrect. After 61 years of independence, people should consider taking matters into their own hands. We’ve always relied on leaders to do things for us. John F. Kennedy said very rightly “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” After every five or eight years people criticize the past regime. We’ve been relying on the same people for years, whether its Nawaz Sharif or Benazir Bhutto or Pervez Musharraf. People should actively take things into their own hands, its very possible!”

Shehzad Roy

“I think Imran Khan should be the next President. He’s the kind of person who won’t take pressure from anyone, won’t compromise… everyone makes mistakes, but I think Imran Khan will do whats in the best interest of the country. He should be the next President.”

Junaid Jumshed

“I have absolutely no idea who will be the next President however, there are quite a number of people in this country who ‘should’ be made the President but not many people know about them.

I’d like to share Iqbal’s couplet with you and whoever conforms to these verses should be the President of Pakistan.

‘Hai wohi teray zamanay ka imam e bar haq
Jo tujhe hazir o maujood say bayzaar karay
Fitna e millat e baiza hai
Imamat us ki jo musalman ko salateen ka parastar karay”

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  1. I’d agree with Shehzad. Not because I am an avid supporter of Imran but only because he is the only viable option for Pakistan that is yet to be tried and tested.


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