AZAL – Road to Infinity

Review By : Faraz Ahmed
Location : Toronto, Canada

Azal - Cd Image

With so many new bands struggling to find their spot in the music industry , a new upcoming band, ‘Azal’ are not apprentice anymore and have been wowing the country with hit singles like “Aise Taise” and “Hum Tum”, classical music videos and their rocking live performance nationwide.

The band consists of four members, with Rajab Ali Khan and Ehtesham Hameed Khan on vocals, Shahbaz Ali Khan on keyboard and Sameer Ahmed on bass.

The album has 10 songs, sung by Rajab Ali and Ehtesham Khan.

The album of almost all tracks with inspired compositions shows not only creativity but also the energetic and polished music produced by Shahbaz Ali Khan. Their songs attract both young and old people.

The hit song ‘Aise Taise’ kicks off the album. A perfect combination of classical and rock music along with soulful vocals, it is an extremely catchy track. Sameer does a wonderful job on bass guitars, with the guitar riffs making it more heartbreaking.

Next on the line is soft track with a western pop music ‘Aankhon Ankhon’, it follows with a similar kind of track ‘Nayon Lagda’, both reflects soft music with pop beats.

Moving further next is ‘Shamoon’ and ‘Basti Basti’ classical tracks with very soulful vocals. The latter is a soft and delightful ballad.

It continues with ‘Hum Tum’ perfectly lenient vocals done by Rajab Ali Khan.
It is the perfect mix of great lyrics with a good beat and vocals.

‘Tere Labon’ again classy pop style music, the melody is very nice until the vocals starts, You will not even bother to listen to the whole track and might just skip it, looking for some other interesting track.

‘Ghanan Ghanan’ is a Indian style track, a softy from top to bottom, If you are in the mood for a long drive this song had better be on your playlist.

‘Azal’ is Sufi kind of track with a touch of rock music with commanding vocals done,
The album ends with a hearty track ‘Zehr’ it’s a mix of different genres.

From my opinion ‘Aise Taise’ is the only song that will make this album sell like hotcakes. Overall it was a work well done..

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  1. This has to be most awful album. First song was a hit and the band promoted themselves as song Anti-Government Group but it is funny how the rest of the album is just plain crap and you wont find a single Anti-Government or even a good song. 0.5/10 is my rating. Suckers like Azal should be banned

  2. well i agreed wid Ali Noor but i like only one song from the album and that is ZEHR

    and that Anti-govt song Aise Taise is very pathetic


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