With a warm smile and zero false notes, Xulfi is undoubtedly the masetro who is well known to melt the hearts away. Dubbed as the ‘PowerHouse of Talent’, Xulfi is all set to make a comeback with a melodious number, due to be released on mothers day.

Unlike many singers, who have literally gone down the drain by quitting music, Xulfi decided otherwise. After Call disbanded, Xulfi remained loyal to his love for music. With 3 Nescafe Basement seasons out and the 4th under way, He has definitely been the talk of the town. Xulfi not only gave other music programs a tough competition; he gave in-fact gave his competitor’s a run for their lives

For all music lovers the news of Xulfi’s comeback is going to be like a breeze of fresh air in the so very suffocated music scene of today.

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