Dilla – Harris Jarral (Official Music Video)

Warming message from the Singer Harris Jarral: It took me 4 years to complete “Dilla” . But one thing is for sure that “delays are always a blessing that we can’t understand at first” It was a song that came out of my regular jammings with Jay Ali who then completed the whole melody from the old lyrics . Later on we took it to Imran Bhai who then wonderfully arranged the song and has given it a nice sound too. I am Really grateful to Sohail Bhai for the amazing key work, also like to thank Shahan and Musa for being there when you guys were needed. So once we were done with the audio part of the song I Thank Adnan Tariq for developing an intresting idea and encouraged me to shot this on a trip where I was all alone. The real interesting thing is that the whole video was shot on my iphone while I was touring North America on a road trip from east to west coast crossing 15 states. So I gathered all the memrioes from that trip and scenes I felt would look good. And then Thanks to Asif Bhatti for spending months on refining it all with his magical skills. I am so grateful to everyone who has been a part of this journey at any step. Gracias!


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