Call Breathes Life In The Most Patriotic Chant – Pakistan Zindabad

Call’s Zindabad is definitely the only true patriotic rock anthem Pakistani music has witnessed in the last decade or so. That’s not all, Call’s Zindabad also features the most amazing drummers and percussionists of all ages from all over Pakistan. Little boys, little girls, big boys, big girls … and believe me when I say, the anthem Zindabad, doesn’t just rock, it comes at you with an aggressive and explosive energy.

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Zindabad is the latest for Call from the remarkably multi-talent producer, musician, composer, lyricist Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka Xulfi.
And, speaking of music, played by 40 excellent drummers and percussionists of Pakistan led by Junaid Khan on the vocals, Sultan on the rhythm guitar and Xulfi on the lead guitar, ‘Zindabad’ has a contagious, rocking pulse to it, that will leave you screaming ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ too.

The efforts for ‘Zindabad’ where Call has managed to get the best of the drummers and percussionists from Pakistan has been lauded and welcomed by people from all walks of life and from all over the globe.
The most prominent names of Pakistan like Pakistani cricketer Kamran Akmal and musicians Ali Zafar, Ali Noor and Salman Ahmed have welcomed the rock anthem saying that an effort to portray the voice of every Pakistani conscious was indeed much needed.

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