Have an interview today but don’t have the energy to get out of PJs, put on an uncomfortable, formal armor and politely smile the day away. What if you could go for interviews in a comfy sweatshirt? No, the interviewer won’t look at you disapprovingly. Nobody will frown because the sweatshirt I’m talking about is uber chic.

Recently, I discovered a Western wear brand of Pakistan, Vanilla Top. The jumpsuits are not normal jumpsuits, sweatshirts are not normal sweatshirts, and the culottes, the coolest of ‘em all. Everything perfect for a formal to a casual setting.

I got this Petite Glam Sweatshirt in Ivory. I ordered it online and believe it or not, it fits like a glove. I wore it with a tank top underneath in Karachi summer, and I did not die of heatstroke. What I love is it’s oh-so-formal, sleek look. The buttons on the neck and the sleeves, the color, and the feel. So basically, everything. I’m thinking of getting one in red as well.

It is super affordable and their weekend discounts are like a cherry on top.

Another comfortable, formal top, I got this Pearl Down Town Top. This button-down, Chiffon shirt has the most beautiful details. The color you see underneath is navy blue, not black. The pearl details and gold-colored buttons. Why so sleek? The cut makes it stand out from the regular button downs you see. And it is basically perfect for any setting, any time of the day.


Another thing I have been eyeing at Vanilla Top’s website is their lace jumpsuits. The material is net, the cut is very chic, the silhouette is very Paris Fashion Week. This is the next thing I will get, with the sweatshirt mentioned above in red.


Also, if you are looking for cute, mid-length dresses in softest, airy material, do not forget to click here. Get a tea pink georgette chiffon dress in PKR 2000 only. No, this is not a drill.

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