Pakistani Actress Veena Malik ends marriage, takes ‘khula’ from Asad Khattak

Pakistani actress Veena Malik parted ways with her husband Asad Khattak, ending their three-year long marriage.

Veena filed for Khula (when the wife uses her right to demand separation) after a rift with Asad and his family over her return to showbiz, sources close to matter said.

Counsel for the actress Ali Ahmed confirmed the separation saying that the family court issued the decree on January 31, 2017 after his client filed for Khula. The court ruled in favour of Veena as Asad failed to appear in court.

The couple had gotten married on December 25, 2013 and have two children together.

When contacted by Geo News, Veena Malik refused to comment on the issue. Her husband however said that he loves her and wanted to reconcile.

Veena’s father Aslam Malik said that Asad was like their son and they will continue cordial relations with him.

Legal procedure in the case

Veena filed for Khula and numerous notices were sent to Asad Khattak but no response was submitted, her lawyer said.

“Her Mehr was 2000 dirhams, of which half was paid before marriage,” he added. As per law, Veena will have to give away 25% of her Mehr in order to get Khula.

When asked about the custody of children Ali Ahmed said that children are minor thus the custody will be given to the mother.

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