PMR: Tell your fans something about your upcoming film Thora Jee Le from your perspective

Ramsha Khan: The film in simple words is about life. It’s about the decisions that you make what those decisions lead to and the consequences your decisions make. It’s a story about family and friends. We follow this story through the journey of 7 characters and how life unravels for them.

Thora Jee Le Film Poster

PMR: Your character is named Misha. Tell us something about Thora Jee Le’s Misha.

Ramsha Khan: I’m playing Misha.. who is an over ambitious, modern day woman. She’s independent, strong and loves her friends and family. However despite all this she is still confused about what she wants in life.

Thora Jee le Ramsha Khan

PMR: Do you think the recent ban on Bollywood movies has opened new doors of opportunities for our film industry?

Ramsha Khan: The industry is already on the rise with the number of new movies coming in and with so many people recognising the platform of film making and how you can really help people by creating the right message I think the sky is the limit for the industry at this point.

Sohai Ali Abro Hamza Ali Abbasi Ramsha Khan TVC

PMR: We got to see you recently in an advert along with Sohai Ali Abro and Hamza Ali Abbasi. Tell us more about about your upcoming projects.

Ramsha Khan: Well for now I’m focused on Thora Jee Le. However who knows what the future holds in store. I’m working on a project as we speak and once that’s wrapped up I’m hoping to lock a few other projects that are coming my way. So you might be seeing a lot more of me in the near future lol.

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