Collaboration between Rap Engineers and Lazarus has been called off.
Kamran Rashid Khan aka Lazarus is a Detroit-based American rapper, songwriter and physician of Pakistani descent. He is known for his singles Drug of Choice, Open Heart Surgery, Fearless and Underdog. He has worked with artists like Royce Da 5’9, Kuniva, Bizarre etc. & has been appreciated by many other big names from the Hip-Hop industry. And & he is all set to release his single ‘MTBK’ with Kali Denali Music‘s boss Bohemia.
Rap Engineers is signature hip-hop crew of South Asia based in Islamabad, Pakistan since 2005. Rap Engineers are one of the pioneers of Hip Hop with in sub continent and also pioneer of Sufi Rap genre. The band became significantly popular with its single ‘Conflict Management’ that made it to the top videos of 2011 in all music channels in Pakistan. Rap Engineers are mostly famous for their live shows across Pakistan and representing the street culture and true picture of the current scenario.
Rap Engineers main guy Xpolymer Dar and Lazarus decided to do a collab. Everything was set for the shoot amongst Lazarus and Rap Engineers as the cash was contributed and the buildup that the news created across the scene was anticipated since the fans were approached to join the video.
The track name was ‘CPEC‘ & produced by Ghauri. Xpolymar Dar & Lazarus were planned to spit verses and Yaruq Masood Malik was on the hook. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a multi-billion dollar project and a backbone for the economy Pakistan.
Suddenly Lazarus tweeted that his collaboration with Rap Engineers has been formally canceled in view of his association with Kali Denali Music. It seems like Bohemia and his team KDM are not happy and they don’t want to see this collaboration. Bohemia pushed J.Hind to cancel the joint effort with Rap Engineers and it took both Rap Engineers and Lazarus off guard.

But now Rap Engineers decided to release the track without Lazarus, which is going to be out next month.

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