Teri Yaad – Neha Kakkar feat. Saad & Hadi (ReLaunch by PMR)

Teri Yaad
Neha Kakkar feat. Saad & Hadi
Produced, mixed and mastered by: Tony Kakkar
Lyrics and Compositions: Tony Kakkar and Saad Hussain
Exclusive relaunch by PMR

Royaa Naa Soyaa Dil Bin tere Jana
Teri yaad Ayi yaad
Hoi Sham Tu Aana
Royaa Naa Soyaa Dil Bin tere Jana
Teri yaad Ayi yaad
Hoi Sham Tu Aana

We all do feel proud when our talent is appreciated across the borders and collaborations are produced, don’t we?

This duo, Saad & Hadi collaborated with Neha Kakkar to produce this melodious ballad. It was released in 2012 initially and in the present, none other than PMR is relaunching the track again!

Excited much,eh?!

Saad & Hadi, a Lahore-based band needs no introduction as the marvels of their talents can be witnessed since 2011. Their debut song was “Pakistan Zindabad” for T20 world cup and they collaborated with Neha Kakkar the next year to come up with this hit ballad.

“De chakka”, another patriotic number by this energetic duo was released at the occasion of T20 world cup in 2015. Moreover, performance videos have also been released by these two talented young men. Saad Hussain gave the OST “Peen De” for the film MAYA.

The powerful voice behind the famous Bollywood numbers Manali Trance , Aao Raja and Sunny Sunny is none other than Neha Kakkar. Starting her music career at a very young age, Ms. Kakkar has given the world many hit numbers to cherish.

Vocals given by Saad & Neha in this amazing track make us encounter the exact feels that the lyrics depict. Beautiful composition by both Hadi Imran & Saad Hussain takes us to ecstatic levels of melancholy that fills this ballad.

Saad & Hadi are a source of pride for this nation.

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