Ali Xeeshan Goes ahead To Reclassify Beauty Guidelines Once more
In the nation where excellence standards are characterized by the level of decency and a “gori” spouse is revered, creator Ali Xeeshan has stepped to adjust the perfect magnificence standards and norms in a stunningly exquisite photograph shoot.

The shoot comprises of Abdullah Harris, while his perspective on an ordinary wedding has likewise been delineated through the magnificence of clothing and a darker shade of skin tone wore by both the models, Hasnain Lehri and Amna Baber.
The shoot challenges the very idea of reasonable spouses, controlling the business for a considerable length of time so individuals are fulfilled by the shading and skin tone they are conceived with.







While talking about the photograph shoot Ali expressed, “This has been a colossal idea for me that I generally needed to verbalize. It’s truly near my heart and I needed to ensure that it was done right. This present shoot’s sole reason for existing is to have individuals comprehend that their shading is the right shading; that excellence benchmarks are not to be stereotyped.”

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