Farhan Saeed’s Roiyaan won Song of the Year at LSA2015 

With its beautifully composed music and enchanting vocals, as soon as ”roiyaan”  by Farhan Saeed came out, we all knew for sure that it was going to be a winner in the near future. Melancholy arranged in a well-formed manner is what reeks off this song making it so impactful that it touches the soul. Farhan’s vocals have clearly enhanced the beauty attached to the song.  The way it touches one’s heart is ineffable.

Last night at Lux Style Awards , Farhan Saeed won  the award for “Best song “  for “roiyaan”. Moreover, he dazzled the audience by giving a performance. Hats off to him for making us proud on all the platforms nationally and internationally. We at PMR celebrate the victory and Congratulate Farhan Saeed for this triumph. The kind of music you produce deserves awards and recognition.

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