The Face of Djuice And Many Other Brands, Fasi Sardar, Up Close And Perosnal

By Zaineb Hashmi (PMR Islamabad)

A model rising from Karachi, displaying his excellent acting and modelling skills in every commercial and latest drama serial, Fasi Sardar has proved over the years that every inch of his struggle was worth it.

This talented star has fulfilled his childhood passion; to be “famous”. Oh but hold on, this isn’t where he stops, according to him. Having high aims to move forward, he believes in making his dreams come true! Landing successful roles in drama serials since 2015, one can easily predict the incredible triumph this star is going to enjoy in the upcoming years.

fasi sardar djuice

The main attribute that has made his so prosperous is his thankfulness along with determination, struggle and honesty. The kind of person, who is satisfied at everything, is the kind of person who achieves every dream. Fasi Sardar is the living proof of such conviction. He is very thankful to his family, brothers and childhood friends for supporting him throughout his career. “Without their support and prayers, I wouldn’t have achieved so far.”

It seems as if Fasi hasn’t developed this determination over years, but was born with it. Our cherished model is not only a celebrity but have leadership qualities as he led conferences based on education and entrepreneurship in his student years at Sir Syed University where he studied engineering.
Fasi Sardar

“I am a quiet person sort of. I don’t open up until I am fully comfortable.”

Fasi Sardar is a kind of person that focuses on his own passion and work while centring on fulfilling his ambitions. During the last semester of engineering in 2012, he entered the glamorous world of fashion and has been working in this field ever since. His modelling credits include many fashion shows along with shoots for various brands. His acting recognitions include “Mere dil mere musafir” being on-aired on TV ONE and “Tumhari Natasha” on HUM TV.

“If you are sincere with your field then focus on your passion.”

He has proved that he is not only an admirable model and actor but a hard-working man as well who knows how to contest the obstacles. What’s more amazing than a man who knows how to accomplish his goals?

We wish best of luck to Fasi Sardar for his up-coming projects and are proud of him as he is a valuable contribution to the talents of Pakistan.

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