Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Pyaare Afzal Takes India By Storm
After the agonizing Ashar and the bashful Zaroon, it’s our special Pyaare Afzal winning a great many hearts over the fringe in India.

Renowned for his fairly questionable online networking posts, heartthrob Hamza Ali Abbasi appeared with his dazzling execution in Khalil-ur-Rehman’s Pyaare Afzal. The blockbuster dramatization is right now being publicized in India at Zee Zindagi channel and getting what’s coming to its of adoration.

An extreme hit, Pyaare Afzal is the account of a blithe man, Afzal, from an underprivileged foundation, becoming hopelessly enamored with a plant proprietor’s little girl, Farah, played by Ayeza Khan. The sentimental dramatization rotates around Afzal’s down and out affection, a stretch with a Karachi hoodlum swarm lastly, his union with his intimate romance.

Pyaare Afzal was an absolute hit with the neighborhood gathering of people so much that the show’s last scene was broadcast at film screens, making it yet another prominent dramatization after Humsafar to hit the wide screen.

With Abbasi’s splendid acting, Khalil-ur-Rehman’s enthusiastic script and Nadeem Baig’s remarkable heading, it’s no big surprise Pyaare Afzal is getting such a staggering reaction in the neighboring country.

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