Yasir Nawaz’s production – Wrong No is coming out this Eid ul Fitr. Featuring liked-by-everyone Danish Taimoor (Jalaibee), Sohai Ali Abro, Janita Asma and Shafqat Cheema, Javed Sheikh and Danish Nawaz, it’s a directorial debut of Yasir Nawaz.

Two songs from movie’s soundtrack were released on June 15 but failed to get much good reviews. Here’s PMR’s take on OST Wrong No.


  1. Selfiyaan

Singer: Aliya Waqar

First in the short line is ‘Selfiyaan’ – item number. Sohai Ali turned her sweet, swoon-worthy cuteness into something hot. 2014 saw the craze of ‘selfies’ taking the world by storm. Its mid of 2015 and that fever hasn’t cooled down yet. Maybe never will. Like typical item numbers, this one features skin (duh), pointless lyrics and loud, smoker voice, don’t you ever think why every singer of item songs has this loud and scratchy voice? Maybe they have taken it too far; selfies can’t make a song. Nope.

  1. Nachay Mann

Singer: Sara Raza Khan, Nabeel Qureshi

Starts of quite slow and sweet with ‘Hmms’ by Nabeel Qureshi’s flirty vocals. Too Bollywood inspired but still a better song than some overrated Bollywood songs. Sara Raza Khan is collaborating in this number. You get tired of it too soon and starts picturing heroine in filmy Sari and lovesick hero on a hilltop dancing. A little too Bollywood-y for my liking.

  1. Kundi

Singer: Humera Channa

Kicks off with sharp vocals of Channa. Song is good overall but you don’t get the point. Contains punjabi vibes with fun vocals with absolutely irritating bridge; ‘Achay bachy tang nahi kartay.’ Kundi is one of the two songs which, upon video release received massive amount of negative remarks on social media. Director’s statement in reply to the criticism was, “When we started writing the film even then we knew we would get good reviews, and we will come across bad people. But the best thing about a making a film is that it’s either a hit or a flop. Either way you find out if the audience liked it or not.”

Video is maybe a little vul- I mean, inappropriate and probably doesn’t mark Wrong No as a family thing.

  1. Dheeray Dheeray

Singer: Sara Raza Khan, Nabeel Qureshi

This sweet track gives you old vibes upon starting. Singers are sugary Sara Raza Khan and Nabeel Qureshi. Song is good, slow with a rhythm too familiar. One listen and I could instantly think of Bollywood songs similar to this. It’s a song I’ll listen again. Sara’s flawless vocals and breathy ones of Nabeel.

Maybe a little too old-Bollywood-esque. But good nevertheless.

  1. Bhaag Ja

Singer: Asrar

Ever since the last season of Coke Studio aired, admit you’ve fallen in love with Asrar’s voice. Bhaag Ja is a loud, rock-type, speedy track which is absolutely amazing and a must listen. Maybe a little long but perfect for this movie. Chorus is a winner.

No doubt the best one in the entire album.


Rating: 6.5/10

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