Shehzad Roy to Debut in Upcoming Pakistan Film

Singer and Educationist Activist Shehzad Roy is all ready to surprise us. As he set to reform Goverment Schools with his NGO Zindagi Trust, his Album ‘Qismat apni haath Main’ had strong political undertones.

His new venture is neither a song or School, but it’s turning out to be A film, written by none other than Anwar Maqsood.

Roy is Taking full advantage of this medium to awaken the Average Pakistanis Political conciousness and continue this endeavour.

“I never actually intended to do A Film”, said Roy. “But when the concept was presented to me,cut was hard to say no.”

In his interview in The Reham khan show, where he announced the news yesterday,Roy had said,” In a song, I only have a few minutes to convey a message. [In film, one has much more].”

The film will be a satirical take on the state of affairs in Pakistan. And to make it stand as a commercial film, there’s a dash of romance, action and comedy as well.

“It will be a thought provoking film.” he added during his interview,” while watching it, you won’t lose sight of the fact that you’re watching the film in Pakistan.”.

Roy had earlier mentioned in his interview that he will be working on this project and Faisal qureshi will be playing an Important role too. Ahsan Rahim will be directing the film.

New song while the film may be a long way off, Roy will soon release his new song, a collaborative love song in Punjabi that will feature Zoe Vaccaji.

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