Burka Avenger Season 3

Airing daily from June 22nd at 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm on Nickelodeon Pakistan, the Int’l Emmy nominated and multi-award winning TV show Burka Avenger is back with Season 3 of the series.

An action-comedy animated TV series follows the adventures of Burka Avenger and three young kids in the imaginary city of Halwapur as they fight the evil Baba Bandook and his henchmen.

Introducing a number of exciting new characters Burka Avenger Season 3 has the Baba Bandook coming up with more dastardly schemes to defeat Burka Avenger once and for all. Some of the exciting characters to watch in Burka Avenger Season 3 include the giant PajeroBot, the powerful and evil Chaand-Rhain Do, the charming Rhanjhahood and the over-the-top TV Host Maizbaan Khan amongst many others.

Creator and Director of the TV series, Haroon said: “This season is the best yet. The animation, art, modelling and character design is at the next level, the writing has more depth (and we dreamed bigger while writing the stories), the sound design and music score more impactful, the editing and post-production slicker. All credit goes to the brilliant Team Burka Avenger at Unicorn Black When we decided we wanted to launch Season 3 such a short period after launch of Season 2 we knew it was a difficult uphill battle. All those early mornings and late nights at the office took their toll but paid off.”

Burka Avenger is Pakistan’s first ever full length animated TV series. This multi-award winning show features Jiya as the inspirational school teacher and her alter ego, the super-heroine Burka Avenger. Her use of books and pens as projectile weapons is symbolic on many levels. Burka Avenger fights for Justice, Peace and Education for all.

Time Magazine named Burka Avenger as one of the most influential characters of 2013.
The series Burka Avenger initially launched in Pakistan in 2013 and instantly shot to worldwide fame. No other TV or film production in the history of Pakistan has gained as much international fame and recognition.
Burka Avenger has also been successfully launched in India and Afghanistan where it has been dubbed in Hindi, Dari, Pashto and other regional languages.

Burka Avenger has been immensely popular in both countries and praised for its tackling of important social issues. Women’s groups in India welcomed the move to air Burka Avenger. “A lot of problems that women in India face stem from the cultural upbringing which conditions the mind of children,” said Noorjehan Safia Niaz, founder of the Ashana Trust, which supports women’s initiatives for justice and development.

Burka Avenger merchandise is set to hit stores this Eid. Keep on the lookout for Burka Avenger action figurines, T-shirts, watches, school bags and other exciting products.

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