Noor Jehan’s Sanu Nehar Wale Pul Tey remake by Sona Mohapatra

Giving tribute to our Legendary singing sensation Madam Noor Jahan, Indian singer Sona Mohapatra has lent her mesmerizing Voice to recreate the magic to one of her song, ‘Neher Walay Pul Tey Bulakay’

This modified Version is composed by Sumit Sethi and Paras Sunda. According to a statement, the Musical Duo have revisited the The song from the Pakistani Classic film ‘Dukh Sajna De’.

When asked Why he choose this particular track out of the comprising collection of Songs Madam Noor Jahan Had made eternal, Sumit replied, “I simply loved the Groove.”

To give the song a contemporary feel, Paras has rewritten the lyrics of the song. The duo Agreed on the voice of the ‘Ambarsariya Girl – Sona’ instantly as she had already left her Unique signature on her Hit song and stated that she had the potential to take this song beyond Ordinary for the audience.

The new version takes us back to the Bygone era. Talking about the song, Sona said,” There is a bit of all three of us in the song”.

Madam Noor Jahan was Accorded ‘Malika e Tarannum title because of her musical expertise and Vocal articulation.

Songs like Kuch log rooth kar bhi, Chandni raatein and Kala sha kala still retain a special place in the hearts of music lovers across the globe. The team will begin working on the production of the video shortly.

Original Version Video:

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