Bol Pakhee (Outdoor Acousitc Version) – The Sketches – (Download/Listen Mp3)
Song: Bol Pakhee
Band: The Sketches
Poetry: Sachal Sarmast
Vocalist: Saif Samejo
DP: Faraz Alam
Language: Siraiki
Tech Supp: Qaddafi
Asst: Arshmaan Alee
Produced by: The Sketches
Post: Mir Ameer
Recorded Live: Lahooti Studios Jamshoro, Sindh
I used to listen this tune when i was a kid and in Sufi Mehfil ‘Motan used to sing this verse and may be it was sung before my introduction to the world, we attempted to sing the same verse with a confidence that i will be respected by the young today and message of Sachal Sarmast will reaches to million hearts who listen to The Sketches & love – Saif Same

Take a listen to the song below:

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