Shah Aasim ft. Rubya Chaudhry – K-Tanha (Listen/Download Mp3)
Craftsman: Shah Aasim
Melody: K-Tanha
Craftsman’s Biography:

Formerly the establishing part of a brief pop-shake Paki band “Aanch””-Shah Aasim is known to few and obscure to most, However in 2014 he is turning out with his first solo single “K-Tanha”.

Being roused by Gloom and stoner hard shake/metal kind of music, Aasim holds incredible respect for the 90’s and early 2k’s Pakistani rock music scene and the same impact can be found in his music.

His first track K-Tanha is both expressively and Musically imaginative and forceful. An in-your-face fan and devotee of rap-center, toil center, fate and option rock sort , Aasim attempt and execute the same flavor in his Music.

Rest ought to be seen and chose once the full track is out with the Video which will be offering Pakistani Super Model Rubya Chaudhry.

However the teaser is as of now here and circling around different electronic mediums.
Melody Description:
K-Tanha is a melody written in the darkest hours of the my life itself, there are times throughout everybody’s life when there is so much it is not possible face and all you need to do is to take eventually out and end up.

K-Tanha itself is A promise, A beg, A wish, A trust, A lament, A long, A Curse, Moreover its a rejoiced toward oneself holler which can be connected or identified with very nearly every part of life.-Shah Aasim
Verses: Shah Aasim.
Vocals: Shah Aasim.
Sythesis and organizing: Shah Aasim & Atif Ali.
Plan, Production, Mixing and Mastering: Atif Ali @ Playback Lounge (U.a.e)
Special thanks:
Mahaa Ali.
Ehtesham Ansari.
Muhammad Omair.
Anahita Omair.
Atif Ali.
Shayan Usmani.
Fahad Naeem.
Rubya Chaudhry.
Haider Ali Khan.

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