Pakistan’s superstar actor/model Humayun Saeed, currently in Bangkok, Thailand has luckily survived a horrible car accident and is currently in hospital, according to the sources. If you are wondering what to do after a car accident, the first step should be to contact expert lawyers who can give you legal counseling and help you out. If people want to know Texas oilfield accidents lawyers, they can check it out here!

The actor who was in Bangkok along with the group of forthcoming film co-created by Six Sigma Plus & ARY Films, was searching for suitable areas for shooting.It is common to get accidents when we are rushing to shooting.In case of accidents getting legal help at earliest stage can bring favor to us .we can consult lawyers as there are many lawyers for traffic accident victims we can seek their legal help to claim compensation. But unfortunately their car hit transport double-decker bus and he along with his group got badly injured in the process. The ignition interlock laws in Florida are pretty strict and helps prevent accidents and reckless driving.  If you wish to sue the truck driver after a truck accident, it is best to get help from accident attorneys from here! People can check out McAllen auto injury lawyers from here!

‘Main Hoon Shahid Afridi’s’ star is currently out of any threat and is under treatment in the neighborhood medical facility. Humayun has a very tough schedule ahead, specially after the announcement of movie ‘Malik’ in which he’d be playing lead role of ‘Malik Riaz’.

We wish him health. May he recover soon. (Ameen)

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