Aag Band is back with new Live Line Up
The new line up for live gigs will be embodying the accompanying parts:

Haroon Sheik – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitars, Composition, Song composing

Zain Peerzada
– Rhythm Guitars

Yusuf Ramay – Drums

Offering his perspectives about the band’s transformation, the author and lead vocalist of the band Haroon Sheik said:

“I’m exceptionally amped up for having the capacity to discover the right individuals for AAG’s new line-up. We’ve been sticking together, heading over the parts on the discharged and unreleased tunes, including Khalish and Yaar Dadhi Ishq Aatish, and its working out consummately as such. Can hardly wait to get out there and play for the fans.”

In the event that you are pondering who are the new parts of the band, underneath is their story:

Zain Peerzada – Rhythm
“I began playing guitar at age 10 or 11 when my uncle provided for me a nylon guitar and taught me how to play El Condor Pasa by Simon and Garfunkel.

From that point forward, I’ve aurally ingested a wide plenty of music, discovering my home in numerous kinds of dynamic music. Groups, for example, Soen, Animals as Leaders, Exivious, Textures, Opeth and Karnivool have all been a tremendous piece of my life. I’ve generally discovered my ear attracted to players going totally contrary to what would be expected. I additionally truly burrow tight, forceful music and AAG does that truly well and it energizes me to have the capacity to play all these astounding tunes live with Haroon for all the fans. Remarkable songwriting at its finest. These melodies sound executioner live.”

Yusuf Ramay – Drum
It was October 2005 when I started playing the drums. Initially I would cover System of a Down and Iron Maiden, but after meeting the right group of people I became a part of several bands. Currently I’m pursuing my bachelors degree in mass communication from BNU Lahore. Most recently, I have been honored to be a part of AAG’s live line-up.”

The band is currently working on their third video for a song titled “khalish” which will be out any time soon. Also, an English number “Falling” is currently under process, the compositions of which are all done by Haroon Sheikh himself.
So stay tuned as the Aag has not been extinguished yet. 😉

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