As summer becomes fall, and fall turns to winter, the look for face make-up once again quickens. How hard we girls try to find that something made “JUST FOR ME” cream that will make us feel natural, loved and fresh, but still protect our skin from the elements that you can look here, and be every girl’s knight in the unblemished, flawless armor.

Searching for the perfect BB cream makes all girls feel like a regular damsel in distress: Oh God!! This one is too expensive, and this one is too matte, while that one there is way out of the league when it comes to preventing breakouts and reducing my dark spots.

Hmmm, so the question is… Do you actually find a BB cream that really delivers? Or is it just an illusion like finding your perfect flawless prince charming?

Well lets us at PakMediaRevolution (PMR) & Pak Media Blog (PMB) ease all your worries and problems, by first explaining what a BB cream is?

The answer to this is quick, simple and easy…. Some refer to them as Blemish Balms, others call it as Beauty Balms, but the general perceptive is that they should provide moisturization, SPF protection with complete care – putting an end to the need for a variety of diverse products for your face.

The market these days is loaded with products, promising to be the answer to your every wish you have ever wished for that one PERFECT FLAWLESS solution for your face.

But do they fruitfully streamline your beauty routine while saving counter space and money?

The answer is “NO”, they in-fact go on to further confuse you in this world of tinted moisturizers, BB and CC creams.

What do you do now? Hit the roof? Run a riot? Well the answer again is “NO”. You stay calm, because we at PMR & PMB have found a perfect solution that along with doing what it says on the tube and showing in the advertisements that run on your televisions screens is also not heavy burden on your pockets.

It is an absolute value for money. It is ‘Garnier’s BB Cream’.

Delivering indispensable beauty essentials, Garnier’s BB cream does exactly what it says on the packaging. With just a small amount it goes above and beyond, it moisturizes, corrects flaws, perfects and protects, giving the perfect coverage for daytime and lazy weekends with absolutely no snitches of being a ‘foundation’.

Garnier’s BB cream for the ladies at PakMediaRevolution (PMR) & Pak Media Blog (PMB) is already a cult beauty buy! This ingenious Garnier skincare settles in to your skin tone right upon application.

Garnier’s BB cream gives you 5 heavy-duty benefits all packed into lightweight formula. Garnier’s BB cream not only hydrates your skin with 24hr moisturization, but also illuminates the complexioncorrects blemishes, and protects against pollutions and with SPF15, it shields your skin againt harmful sun damages. You can look into the site of and find solutions to rejuvenate your skin. What’s more… It’s undetectable to the eye, grants a gorgeous, healthy glow in a flash, giving a luxurious lightweight feeling and smells incredible.

With all this Garnier’s BB cream has well earned the title of #‎mydailycompanion and is definitely a veil of health for your face.

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